Tuesday, May 28, 2013

13 Weeks

Monday marked 13 weeks!  I really don't have anything to update.  No big changes for me.  I am still have some morning sickness here and there and I am still really tired.  I noticed after the weekend (we went up north with the family) I found myself glued to the couch napping on and off almost all day yesterday.  Will my energy ever return?

I was able to get out for a walk and go golfing (with a cart) over the weekend and that felt pretty good.  It seems my crazy weight gain has slowed for the time being.  I'm okay with that!

Upcoming excitement:  This weekend I am going with my Mom and Sister-in-law to see Wicked the musical.  I did read the books, but heard from several people that the musical is awesome!  I can't wait.  Also, the weekend after that I am going down to visit in Chicago!  That is always such a fun trip!

I guess the update for this week = status quo


Picture Update:


Monday, May 20, 2013

12 Weeks

I am nearing the end of my first trimester!  Can you believe it?  Different websites state different times being the actual beginning but generally I have read between 13-14 weeks is the beginning of the second trimester.  For the first time this morning I have begun to realize this pregnancy is going to go much faster than first anticipated.  That is really exciting and really scary.  There is so much to do!!  My OB asked if I had picked out a pediatrician...ummmm haven't even thought about it.  In fact up until this point I have been really worried about something going wrong.  Is that something IF creates or is that normal??  This intense barrier of believing that we can never get to the other side?  That the other shoe is going to drop and we will wake up and find this has all been a dream? 

The OB appointment and ultrasound really has helped me to feel that this is real and that things will work out for us this time!  Can I really start to let my guard down a little bit and realize that our dream is coming true?   We have opted to not do the downs testing.  I just feel that would create a worry that really there is nothing we can do about.  So that was the end of that.  We aren't doing it.

We don't have the next OB appointment for another month.  I don't mind.  I have been feeling pretty good.  In fact, last night I got out golfing with the Mr. and some friends.  We had a great time and look forward to doing more golfing this summer.  This upcoming weekend we have plans to go up north for the holiday weekend!  Ahhhhh...I need to keep reminding myself to relax and enjoy this!


Updated Photo:


Hahaha! Just kidding I am wearing the "fake" bump under my shirt at Motherhood Maternity trying on new shorts :)

Here is the real picture:


Saturday, May 18, 2013

OB Update

Thankfully I was able to get in Friday afternoon.  I had to answer a couple questions, a pap and then an ultrasound!!  Baby is doing great with a hb of 160 and measuring 12 weeks 4 days almost a week ahead of schedule.  I was so relieved and now I feel like I can really start to relax and enjoy this.  Baby was moving around and looked at times like s/he was waving at us.  One picture has one leg straight out and one tucked in which is how I always like to lay.

Unfortunately I still am having some morning sickness but it is becoming less frequent.  So here are some pics (they are upside down but easier to see having babies head up)

Thursday, May 16, 2013

OB Cancelled

I'm really upset that my OB appointment got cancelled for today.  It got pushed back anyways because the doctor was on vacation and now pushed back another week.  I haven't seen a doctor since 7 weeks and I want/need to see what is going on in there.  I'm so frustrated!  Haven't I waited long enough?

Monday, May 13, 2013

11 Weeks - Milestone

What is my milestone today you may ask at 11 weeks?  Today is my last day of PIO shots and pills!!  After 59 days straight of injecting a 1 1/2" needle into my hip (upper butt cheek) twice per day that is 117 injections (not including stims) and tonight is the last one.  It truly is a mind game because sometimes it hurts (sometimes really bad) sometimes you wouldn't feel a thing, and sometimes you would hit a vein and blood would spray out as soon as you pulled the needle out.  Sorry is that TMI?  Anyways, it just gives you an idea as to why they are no fun.  You never know quite how the injection will go.  My body celebrated with a nice round of morning sickness before I even was able to get up and eat.  Don't get me wrong I hate having morning sickness but sometimes it gives me that little sigh of relief that baby is most likely doing well.

Next topic, Mother's Day.  Over the past years I had started dreading Mother's Day (nothing against my Mom of course) but it is such a day of reminder that I in fact still was NOT a mother and there was nothing I could do about it.  Yesterday every wish of Happy Mother's day to me brought tears of happiness to my eyes.  I am a mother, I have a baby inside me.  I will never forget though how that day made me feel when it seemed like there was no hope and my thoughts are with those still fighting that battle.  There really is nothing that can be said to make it easier.

I have my first regular OB appointment this week Thursday.  I am excited because I have worked with this doctor when we first realized that we weren't getting pregnant and she was actually the one who referred me to Wisconsin Fertilty Institute.  She was very caring and comforting.  I remember my last appointment with her and I was upset and crying and she was so hopeful and told me I would be back to see her on the other side (OB).  Almost 2 years later here I am.

One other update this week, we have officially made our pregnancy official on facebook.  It is a little bitter sweet I guess telling people that no idea what we went through to get here, but also getting to feel almost like this is just another normal pregnancy.  Some of the pain is starting to slowly dull.  I know it will never be forgotten and I wouldn't want it that way.


Update 11 Weeks 1 Day, I cheated and wore a dress :)


Thursday, May 9, 2013

Feeling More Like Julie Again

As time is moving along I have found myself feeling better day by day.  I have more energy, I don't feel as sick (I am however still eating like a pig) and I am regaining interest in things other than just sitting on the couch watching tv/sleeping.  So, I found myself in the JoAnn Fabric pattern section the other day with patterns being 5 for $5!  I decided to see if I could find some fun things to start making for Baby.  I found a bunch of fun patterns, but many of them were for boy or girl only so I had to pick one out for myself as well.

I started on some burp rags last night:

I guess sometimes you don't realize how crappy you are feeling until you start feeling better.  I started on meds. for IVF on February 25th and realized that is exactly how long it has been since I really felt decent.   I am far from out of the woods, but I am hoping each day I feel a little better as we begin to get closer and closer to the end of the first trimester.

Monday, May 6, 2013

10 Weeks

Today I am 10 weeks!  Nothing extremely exciting to report but some exciting things to look forward to.  Next Monday is my last day of PIO!!!  I added the extra exclamation points because my hip is still burning from my shot this morning.  I can wait to be done with those darn shots.  Also next week is my first regular OB appointment.  I feel like I am starting to get the hang of this being preganant thing, maybe.  I've tried to even out my eating schedule so that I don't eat too much or let too much time go inbetween when I have eaten (that never ends well). 

Other than that I feel like I am just kind of waiting for next week's appointment.  In other news the Mr. starts his new job next week.  It is kind of exciting because he won't be working weekends anymore and he will be home every day around 5:30-6:00...the scary thing is that he won't be working weekends and he will be home around 5:30-6:00.  LOL!  We are so used to that schedule so like any change it will take some getting used to.  I'm sure it will be wonderful once we find our rhythm again.  That is all for now!

Updated: Going to try and update with belly pics:


Wednesday, May 1, 2013

OB - Labs

Can you believe today is May 1st?!  The weather has finally started shaping up and it is actually looking like spring outside.  My tulips finally opened up yesterday (what I wait for all winter).

I had my first OB Labs and I wasn't worried other than the fact that I am under new insurance and am kind of waiting to see if there are any nightmares related to that.  I also called to order my last 1/2 order of PIO!  Only 13 more days to go (actually 12 -1/2)!  I also had to face one other disaster...the scale.  I'm going to admit I have been eating... a lot!  Much more than normal, but that's normal right?  I'm hoping to see that + gained number actually go down now that I am really starting to feel better and have been making better food choices now that I don't feel I need to run to the bathroom just by looking at a vegetable.  I also hope the nicer weather will help me get outside more and get movin'!  Finally I have heard once you go off the prog. and estrogen that can reduce the weight gain as well.

My first regular OB appointment is May 16th and am hoping they will do an U/S, the lab technician mentioned they might, but perhaps not since we have had one already.  Since the Mr. is starting a new job that week he won't be able to attend, but my Mom will be coming with me.  That is really all for now.  Things are still crazy and hectic as usual!