Monday, July 29, 2013

22 Weeks!

Ha!  I was just thinking how I needed to write about week 21 and when I got on here to post realized it is week 22!  The most exciting thing that happened this week was Dick got to feel his first movement.  Usually at night when I lay down is when baby decides to get really active and I have been checking now for a week to see if I could feel anything...finally I did and I called him in to put his hand on my belly and he felt the movement too!

This week I also started thinking about registering and at least got my registry started at Babies R Us.  I didn't actually add anything to it yet because I was short on time.  I was on my way to meet up with some college friends.  It was fun to find out one of my friends is due on the same exact due date as me, December 2nd.

We've been getting hit with some colder than usual weather this past week that has me thinking FALL.  It is too early for that!  This weekend I played in a bean bag tournament and being outside all day in the cold was such a bummer for a July weekend.

Not much else going on anytime soon.  No doctors appointments or ultrasounds until mid-August.  This Friday marks only 4 months to go until my due date. 

That's all for now! 

Belly pic to come.


Monday, July 22, 2013

21 Weeks!

What an exciting week it has been!  We are now over 1/2 way.  This past Friday we had our 20 week ultrasound and it was so great to see baby again!  To be honest I had NO IDEA how intense this ultrasound was.  Here I am thinking we go in, see baby, if everything is great we are done.  Nope!  All the Mom's and Dad's out there know what I am talking about.  At this appointment they go through and take pictures of each and every part of the baby making sure they have all their parts, checking internal organs, blood flow to and from the heart and on and on.  Each time she would label ..R Arm, L Leg both of us would let out a little sigh of relief.  Everything was normal and healthy!  What a blessing!

Baby is measuring right now around the 78th percentile.  She kept mentioning...what a long femur. (legs).  Heart rate was at 149.

Here is the growing belly housing this little miracle!


Monday, July 15, 2013

20 Weeks! - - Halfway!

I don't even know what to say.  I am so excited and nervous about being 1/2-way through.  I really never imagined time flying by this quickly.  Slowly but surely we are getting small tasks accomplished, but we have so much to do yet.  I started a little project this weekend for the nursery.  After browsing online and in stores I haven't found much for decoration that I have liked for my "ocean themed" nursery so I decided...wait why don't I just make something and if I don't like it I only have myself to blame.  So I did!  I bought a 4-pack of 5x7 canvas frames, the primary paint colors, a few paint brushes and got to work:

 I love how they turned out:

If you are wondering, yes those are googly eyes!  Total cost for supplies was just under $15.00!!!  I used inspiration from some pictures I posted to Pinterest. 

Other fun happenings over the weekend, I went with my Cousin and saw Little Big Town at our county fair

and Sunday Dick and I went over to our friends house to play Euchre, Bean Bags and Ladder Golf:
Another great weekend in the books.  Baby has been kicking up a storm lately and each day the kicks get a little big stronger.  I am feeling like there is less pressure on my bladder depending on the position of the baby so I don't feel like I get up in the middle of the night as often to use the bathroom.  At the fair I had this nice woman let me "go" in front of her in line while waiting to use the bathroom since she noticed I was pregnant.

Anyways...20 weeks to go!  I'm feeling really great and trying to enjoy each special moment and milestone to the fullest.


Friday, July 12, 2013

My Right of Passage Into Womanhood

I'm so proud to say that I have completed the final right of passage into womanhoon.  I have started and completed an electrical project - on my own.  Without shocking myself, killing anybody else, crying or shedding any blood.  I've always just sat back and watched in amazement as though out my life I have watched numerous light fixtures get changed and other various electrical projects as though the "electrician" was some sort of wizard.

Here is my story of how I have become one of those wizards:

We have been working on a face-lift for the house as we move into finishing up our 5th year of living on Lexington Blvd.  Our house has been a project from the start so we never have really stopped updating and projecting, but there are a few minor changes I have wanted to make to the front of the house for a very long time.  So let me take you on a little photo tour of the phases of change to the front of our house.

2008 - Move In -
It is kind of far away, but you can see all the plants around the house are out of control and taking over everything.  Also roof is terrible and needs to be replaced - completed in 2009 (Note: 2 vehicles we no longer own - RIP Monte and Black Beauty)

2008 - After Some Clean Up
It is hard to see, but the shutters are a faded black color, the storm door and board below it is rotting, but all the large out of control plants have been removed and is ready for planting.

...5 years go by...
2013 - Today
Shutters and front door are repainted, perennials are planted, front storm door is fixed along with kick board under door.  AND...most importantly...this...

is now...THIS...and I changed it!!!
...applause....applause...takes a bow
Seriously people, it is the little things.  Yes I know these changes are barely visible to the common man, but they make me happy.  Mostly it is just nice to have a house with a curb appeal that I can be proud of.
Now that this project is complete I am overly excited to continue to work on the nursery and if you are bored check out my Pinterest Baby page.  Hooray!

Monday, July 8, 2013

19 Weeks!

What a busy past week it has been!  So many good things happening lately!  First big purchase was made this past week...Baby Crib and only technically paid $12.15 for an over $200 crib.  Let me tell you how!

I have been saving up credit card rewards points for awhile now and though my cc I can choose to take cash or a partner gift card which for using $45 I get a $50 gift card.  I found the crib I would like on, saved 12% by being a first time customer, and used my "gift cards" and got free shipping!  What a deal!  We are really starting to get into baby shower planning so getting an idea of what we want to buy and what we want to register for has definitely been on my mind!

Last bit of baby news before going on to holiday weekend happenings I wanted to note I have starting to feel more and more movement going from mostly "bumps or flutters" last week to more direct "kicks" which feel stronger and more localized.  They are more and more frequent too!  I love it!  My next OB is this week Wednesday and then next week is the 20 week ultrasound!

I had a wonderful holiday weekend starting Wednesday night going to see one of my favorite country singers at Summerfest Luke Bryan.  The concert was amazing.  I hope I didn't blow babies ear drums!  I went with my sister-in-law Kendall and we had such a wonderful time.

Then Dick and I headed up north to my parents cabin for the 4th of July holiday weekend.  It was so fun and relaxing.  We played bean bags, sat around the fire, ate brats and burgers and did a little swimming with family and friends.  It was so cute to get a before and after of the pups too.  They always are so energetic on the way up and so wiped out on the way home:

On our way up!

On our way home!
Time just continues to fly by with next week being our halfway point!  That's all for now. 



Monday, July 1, 2013

18 Weeks

WOW! July 1st, not only is this pregnancy moving quickly, the summer is doing the same.  We have had such rainy weather that it has been difficult to get out and enjoy summer this year.

No more scares since last time I wrote which I am so thankful for.  This past weekend I spent at my brother and sister-in-laws, got to go shopping to a real Gap Maternity!  I only got a couple t-shirts, but they were on sale for 40% off...yea!  We also went to the pool and I had no choice but to bare my growing belly (one piece no longer fits).  Other baby news, we were sitting eating lunch on Saturday (watching Extreme Weightloss on DVR) and I got this pain in my lower right uterus area.  I touched the outside with my hand and it felt really solid and had my sister-in-law feel.  She felt it, took her hand away and felt again and the hard thing was gone.  Baby???  Off and on I've been feeling internal baby movements and I love it!

This week my goal is to start researching daycare/homecare.  This is one thing that really scares me.  I'm still getting used to the idea of caring for my own baby and to already have to think about who I can trust to watch the baby while we are working.  I'm going to start by asking friends in the area who have children and go from there.

We have a short week with the 4th of July holiday and I couldn't be more excited.  We are going up north with some friends and family.

I will hopefully post my belly picture tomorrow!

Have a great week!


18 Weeks Belly