Monday, April 28, 2014

BIG Changes

This week is the beginning of some big changes coming our way.  Today I went in to sign paperwork for my NEW JOB!  Yes, after 3 interviews I was offered an outside sales position at a waste disposal company.  Didn't I look snazzy for my interview?

Of course this is amazing news, but it also means less time with my little sweetheart.   It is a little bitter sweet for me.  I think I am ready though!  It continues to amaze me that it seems as though God's plan for me is unfolding before my very eyes.  I was so sad to have very little maternity leave before I was let go from my previous job, but it was unpaid and so I had to come back at 8 weeks.  Then I got let go and was able to go on unemployment as I searched for a new job and spend time with my baby.  This also just so happened to take place at a time when we got a nice tax return and financially could afford for me to be at home and still pay our bills.
Today he helped me fill out my pre-employment screening.  I start May 12th so I still have 2 more weeks to spend with him and without the stress of worrying about finding a job.

As mentioned last week, this past weekend was our 5 year anniversary!!  My SIL watched the baby so Dick and I could go out for dinner.  We went to a place called Parkside 23 a farm to table restaurant in Brookfield.  The staff was very friendly and knowledgeable and the food was great!

 After we finished we decided to treat ourselves to coffee and dessert!  We stopped at Colectivo for a cheesecake brownie and I had a Honey Latte with Almond Milk!

The next day I ran my first POST BABY 5K.  I didn't get to train as much as I had hoped and by that I mean not at all.  I paid for it!!!  This run had more hills than I think I have ever run and it was very challenging, but I finished with no walking in 32:52.  Not too bad for a new out of shape Momma!  I am really hoping to step up my game and run another in May, but get in better shape!! 
Last I want to share my new hobby!  Woodburning.  

I had a purpose in mind when I ordered my new wood burning kit.  Above was my practice run, but the actual intention was to complete my Memorial I was working on for my Dad.  It turned out beautifully:
This weekend we I had a few of us cousins get together to take the Memorial out to the tree where the accident occurred.  The wood is made from the tree stand.  Sad, but beautiful.  

Anyways, what a busy week!  I've also been sticking to my Paleo diet and hope to do a post dedicated to some of the delicious foods I have been eating.  Stay tuned!


Monday, April 21, 2014

Stats Update & Easter!

Time has gotten away from me the past couple of weeks.  Let's start out with some stats!  We finally got his 4 month well baby appointment in today.

Weight 14lbs - 12oz  28%
Height 27 in 93%
Head 43.8 cm 75%

We have also moved on to 9M clothing.  My tall skinny boy.  His appointment went well, but I pointed out his ear "pit" and she told me it is called a Congenital auricular fistula.  It isn't something to be extremely concerned about at this point but we are going to schedule an appointment with an ear and throat specialist to keep an eye on it.  It can get infected and then cause problems.  He also had his vaccinations today.  At this point he is rolling from back to front and sometimes front to back, can bare all of his weight, started eating a little rice cereal and is working hard on his hand eye coordination.  Today he was giggling at me as I played peek-a-boo waiting for his appointment.  He flirted with the nurses and won all of there hearts! :)

As for sleep he goes down for bed around 7:00 PM, we do a 10:00 "dream feed", he wakes up once more usually between 2-4 AM if at all and then usually sleeps until 6:30-7:00 AM.  I've pretty much adjusted to his schedule, but still like to take a short nap during the day when he does.

We went down to visit Dick's uncle in IA for Easter weekend.  Here are a few pictures:

We had a great time enjoying the 70+ weather and visiting with family.  We both slept most of the long drive home while Daddy had to stay alert.

Me Updates:
I've started the "Paleo Diet" basically a diet that focuses on getting back to the basics, meat and vegetables and it is going really well!  I've lost a significant amount of weight in the first week and am currently on week 2.  I've found that I really enjoy preparing meals, and when I say preparing I mean I am buying fresh food and have to do some of the processing myself.  It is really interesting to me because I was so dependent on grains and have had to be creative especially with breakfast.  Today I spread cooked carrot shreds on my eggs.  Sounds gross, but wasn't half bad!

On the job front, things are going okay.  I guess not great since I still don't have a job, but I do continue to have 1-3 interviews each week and have started moving along in a few of them to 2nd interviews.  I'm really excited about one that I have this week.

This Friday is our 5 YEAR Anniversary!  I can't believe it!!!  We often joke what number of years it has been by adding _______ LONG years.  Raising a child and becoming Mommy & Daddy has definitely changed our relationship, but there is nothing better than working as a team and being proud of what we have accomplished.  There are ups and downs and being sleep deprived makes them more severe but we have worked through each hurdle and come out stronger in the end.  Anyways, I'm going to end there and leave you with an adorable morning snuggle picture I took:

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

4th Annual Indoor Garden Planted!

I can't believe this is the 4th year I have been doing an early indoor garden.  You may remember my set up from years past.  This is a (heavy) homemade contraption my Dad put together for me that has been modified to include 2 lights last year and a small heating pad underneath the plants:
I'm only doing a total of 50 seedlings (tomatoes, green peppers, jalapeno, cucumber & zucchini) because in years past I have been known to go way overboard.  This should be sufficient!  I also am trying a new starter tray.  In the past I have done peat pots and this year I am trying pellets.  This is also much later than in the past, but it has been a cold spring and hopefully the plants will still have plenty of time to grow!

This year gardening will be a little bitter sweet but I hope the memories of years past fill me with the enjoyment and fulfillment which made me love gardening in the first place.


Update - Shortly after posting this I was driving and it was kind of rainy and I was feeling sad about Dad and the garden.  I looked up and saw this:
See the rainbow?  It lasted less than a minute and then was gone.  What a beautiful sign of hope and love.  Dad is watching from heaven!

Monday, April 7, 2014

And We're Rolling...

It happened today...I went to check on Richard in his crib and he was belly down.  I figured it was coming since he has been turning to his side for awhile now and it was just a matter of time.  It is such a funny thing to watch.  He gets turned to the side and then arches his back before turning over and slowly getting his arm unstuck!

The only problem is he is so busy rolling that he hasn't found time to nap and he is cranky!  I'm thinking it will pass and he will finally wear himself out or settle one way or another.  He has now rolled 6 times today...and we're rolling!  We also had nice weather the past couple of days and got to go on walks!  We found some time to be silly too!  It kind of looks like he is taking a selfie :)
This past week I had mentioned he had his four month check up and it ended up getting rescheduled to next week so we'll have to wait on his stats.  I was annoyed since the receptionist sounded like SHE was extremely inconvenienced.  Ummmm sorry Lady that I lost my job and therefore lost my number and dragged my tired cranky baby in here during his nap time only to be told I needed to reschedule.  It must have been really difficult for her.

I'm excited about the possibility of starting him on some foods!  I've been reading books and watching videos and we can't wait to bust our the "baby bullet".  I guess there is no big rush though.  However, breast feeding has become more of a challenge not only because the little stinker has been pinching me, but he is also getting so distracted.  Gone are the days of him latching on and me having to stop him when there is no possible way he is still getting milk.  Now he stops when he isn't getting enough, stops for noises, stops and smiles at me and any other little distraction.  Sometimes I will just pump and bottle feed to make sure he is getting enough.

Here is another cute picture from this past week.  I like to call this #hangininmydipe
This week I have another interview and am chugging away at the job search.  I also have an interview set up for next week.  I thought the one I had 3 interviews would result in a job offer, but I found out today it will not.  I guess at least the weather is getting nicer and makes staying home a lot more fun.  Tonight I am headed off to Zumba class!

Last topic:  (I promise) Saturday marked 6 months since Dad's passing.  I realized a few days ago that I have been really slacking on getting my indoor garden started.  I didn't think of this before, but in the past my Dad and I had always competed with our gardening.  Who had the seeds planted first, who had the first plants come up, who was eating the first radish.  I sigh every time I think about it.  I guess there is more to it than just procrastination.  Hopefully a few more nice days and I will get my zest for gardening back.  I noticed today the daffodils and tulips are starting to peek through!

Well I'm off to shake my booty at Zumba!