Wednesday, October 15, 2014

I can't hold it in any longer...

We are expecting...AGAIN...HOLY SHIT!!!  Only this time no intervention.  Some may say, the old fashioned way. I was of the belief that having sex didn't actually create babies, I thought it was all much to my surprise when my period did not show I was cursing my hormones thinking here we go everything is all screwed up again.  I waited until I was 15 days late before I finally caved and took a test.  It was positive.  This was the first positive test I have ever seen since I never took one the first time (after I cheated and took one early and it was negative and I about had a nervous breakdown during IVF).

We were in total shock.  Dick didn't believe it.  He told me until I saw a doctor he wasn't going to get his hopes up.  As soon as I tested and it was positive I was sure.  Those small little symptoms I had experienced the first go round had been there, weird dreams, crampy feet.  I just couldn't believe it was true.  The doctors visit that day confirmed it was TRUE.  We got pregnant naturally!

My first ultra sound went beautifully, baby measured 7.5 weeks, 153 HB and due date of May 12th.  I am currently 10 weeks 1 day.  I have all the same symptoms and usual suspects as last time.  I'm convinced it will be another boy!!  Anyways...that is it for now!  Little Richard is going to be a big brother and we couldn't be happier!  I guess it will always be a mystery why it took so much intervention the first time.



Saturday, October 11, 2014

California Vacation

So I can't even remember if I brought this up,  but Dick and I took a long weekend vacation to California a couple weeks ago.  Grandma was available to watch little Richard and we headed off to Sacramento.  We have a friend who lives there and was willing to take us in, care for us and drive us around!  We got in Thursday night and woke up Friday and headed to San Francisco.
Making our way into San Fran we stopped for a quick picture.

First stop was the Golden Gate Bridge and it was a beautiful day for photos!

Naturally there is a picture of me out there taking a picture.

Golden Gate Selfie.

Battery Spencer - Built in 1878 to guard to bridge.

Then we hiked the Twin Peaks overlooking San Francisco!

We thought a good idea to run up one of them.  Bad idea!

Then we drove to the Pacific.

It was beautiful.  We found sand dollars and...

Dick found this crab.

Dinner?  No just kidding.

Drove down Highway One and stopped for Gelato!

and Dick bought the largest slice of pizza I have ever seen.
There are a few missing stops because I took some photos on my iPhone, but we stopped to see the Full House house and went out for dinner at a Spicy Cajun Asian Restaurant called Swamp.

Saturday we spent the day getting addicted to "Breaking Bad" and rested.  It was a wonderful getaway and we were so thankful to our friend Carly for taking us in!


10 Month Stats

Weight 22 lbs 15oz   71%
Height 30.5"              93%
Head 47.4cm             90%

My BIG boy keeps growing!

Friday, October 3, 2014

10 Months on the Move!

Something changed this month.  It is like he turned into this new little person overnight who is now clapping, giving high fives, shaking his head NO, asking for "MORE" and getting into EVERYTHING!!!  This past month he really has become this BIG personality and I love it.  He still finds me to be hilarious so I'm good with it.

We have yet to get in out 9 month appt so I still don't have any stats to share, but he is around 22 pounds, still lugging him around in his carseat, but going to be looking for a convertible car seat soon.  Any suggestions?  He still is taking 2 naps per day and has SIX teeth and I'm pretty sure I see one more little stinker coming in.  For sure though 4 on top and 2 on the bottom.  He is dealing with it really well.  His main mode of transport is crawling at an incredible speed and from time to time surfing along the coffee table and couches.  Not interested in trying to walk since crawling is so much faster.  

Generally is babbling when he doesn't have his nuk in his mouth, mamamamamam, babababababa da da, and our favorite....doi doi doi.  LOL!  He is also now blowing raspberries and making motor sounds when he pushes his cars around.

Other news, house is still on the market, but still having showings - had one last night we stalked from up the street and got very positive feedback!  Fingers crossed!

I'm going to wrap up with some pictures - including a Halloween preview ;)