Monday, December 14, 2015

7 Months

My Leela is now 7 months old.  
She can sit up on her own and is scooching herself around backwards.  It won't be long till she takes off.  She definitely has grown more independent and loves her make up mirror toy.  Still a mommas girl to the core!

I'm still breast feeding and have lots in storage.  She has her 2 bottom teeth and  the drool is telling me the top two aren't far behind.  She also is eating 2 meals puréed per day.

We are looking forward to Christmas and spoiling our babies!  Richie is getting a Harley Big Wheels and big boy undies.  Leela is getting books and a leap frog picnic basket and various other little toys.

Things are good and life is crazy!


Monday, December 7, 2015

Richard Roger is TWO!

Holy cow!  My baby turned two last week.  I'll start with a few stats:

Height 35"
Weight 29 pounds 12 ounces

I'm excited his party is coming up this weekend.  We had a small dinner with my Mom and brother on his actual birthday and opened a few gifts.  It was a lot of fun.  I hope to make that a tradition.  I was just reminiscing this weekend and watching a few "old" videos of just earlier this year and how much Richie has changed in the last year.  Just one year ago he was just starting to walk, saying just a few words and now he is a walking talking hilarious toddler.  He is a little boy to the max, he loves being outside, playing with his trains, BIG trucks & tractors, he enjoys coloring and recently we did a little stickering.  He also knows his colors and is starting to learn numbers.  His favorite number is 8.  LOL!  I'm not sure why but that is the one he will always say.  He dislikes the vacuum, loudish noises, Santa & that's about it.  He is my independent & adventurous boy!  Often times when he doesn't want to leave somewhere I will start saying goodbye to him like I am going to leave and he just waves and says bye Momma.  He is also quite the comedian.  He likes getting a reaction out of people and will keep an eye on you when he is trying to be funny.  If he gets the reaction he wants he takes it a step further.  He can't get enough of his Na Na (my Mom) and makes her laugh.

Na Na lives just a few hundred feet away from us so he is able to go over for frequent visits.  He also loves his baby sister and as she is getting older I am starting to see them interact more.  The other day they were both in our dining room making faces at each other and laughing.  It made my heart melt.

He is having a farm themed birthday party.  I will have to post pictures next time.