Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Leela's 18 Month, Richie is ALMOST 3 and ...

Let's start out with a couple stats for Leela's 18 month visit:

Weight: 25 lbs
Height: 33 in
Head Cir: 18.5 in

Everything is going just fine with her growth!  It was for the most part a fairly simple appointment until they asked her to get on the scale.  Bring on the Leela stink face scowl.  A little bit of a change for us being a new doctor.  We opted to change doctors to be closer and also a family doctor rather than a pediatrician. 

She is a walking talking maniac who loves to copy her brother.  She puts on her own boots, can pull on a pair of pants and is ever increasingly independent.  Favorite word right now....NOOOOOOO.

She often has "yes" "no" "yes" "no" arguments with her big brother in which she usually wins because she is relentless.  What she is saying no to, I believe she doesn't know or care but let me tell you her answer is NO.  We are still battling the car CRY.  Any ride past about 15 minutes she goes into this horrible howl that really doesn't stop until we reach our destination.  I can distract her for a couple minutes and then the howl begins.  We even thought when we bought our new van with DVD player she might be distracted by the movie playing...nope.  Record howl to date: 1.5 hour.  S-T-R-E-S-S-F-U-L.  Please tell me she will grow out of it...please tell me... little Scooper.  I can't believe my baby is almost 3 (Dec 1st).  This year we opted for going to a Jumpy House rather than our traditional at home party.  Things are just too busy and to be honest I didn't want to bring on the stress of cooking and cleaning.  We are going this Sunday. 

What a smart, funny little man.  He can count to 10 and tries to go beyond...11, 12, 14, 16, 17, 20.  Starting to learn ABC's and about halfway he gets himself mixed up.  We have conversations after daycare about his day.  He tells me when I'm being a "bad boy" and Momma is the boss and his b"r"est Friend.  I see him growing each day and he is always willing to test my patience.  Potty training is still ongoing.  Every time we think we've got it we take a couple steps back.  His favorite show is DINOTRUX and he loves playing with his construction equipment toys. 

Anyways, I am out of time and thought I would get to the ...AND... part...


Monday, September 19, 2016

Time for an update!

It is definitely time for an update!  Life has been absolutely crazy busy wonderful lately.  Lets see... I started at a new location for my job (same company) in June, we changed daycare providers to have someone watch them in town and these 2 little people keep us on our toes all the time.

I don't remember my last update but I am just going to write about these two little people as they are right now. 

Richie will be 3 in December and he is an outgoing, stubborn, loves routine little boy.  He LOVES all shows on PBS, being outside with Daddy, Grandma, helping in the house unloading dishes, making messes in the toy room, reading, putting on band aids, playing games, playing in the sandbox and pushing his sister in her stroller.  He likes to be a puppy in which he will crawl on all fours and walk up and lick your leg or face.  Puppy will also pick up toys with his mouth to put them away.  Sister Leela also becomes puppy whenever he does.  He will walk up to other little kids and ask "will you play with me" which usually intimidates them and they run away.  He does not like, the dark, being told what to do, getting outside our normal day to day routine unless it is something he's interested in, watching "news" (anything outside of his favorite shows are "news").  He isn't shy but he is cautious when it comes to dangerous situations very much unlike his sister who I am pretty sure would go skydiving if we would let her.  He loves his Momma but really loves his Daddy and is not shy about telling you he loves his daddy more.  He wears 3T or 4T for tops and can wear 2T shorts or 3T and 3T pants and weighs around 34 pounds.  He has been working on potty training and now wears big boy undies all day and still diapers at night.  In the picture he is wearing his favorite foot apparel a pair of rain boots that he loves stomping in puddles.  He fights with his sister a lot, but will tell you he loves Leela.  At dinner he will say the prayer in which he tells you to "not to pray and don't fold your hands" and will continue "I love Daddy and Momma and Leela"  then I convince him to also say "AND I love Jesus...Amen."  He is harder to get to bed, but sleeps well once he is asleep usually around 8:14 at night.

Leela... oh my Leela.  She is at a wonderful fun age of 16.5 months old.  It amazes me how different each kid has been at these stages.  She is shy but a risk taker.  She falls off things often but is tough and rarely cries when she hurts herself.  She is continuing to talk and expand her vocabulary!  Momma...Momma. Daddy, then will repeat other words after you say them.  She likes reading books.  She loves her puppy Lady and also plays puppy with Richie  "woof"!  She refuses to hold her brothers hand or sit close to him for fear she will get pushed or hit.  She isn't afraid to take a swing herself.  She is by all means a mommas girl.  She LOVES her momma and her momma loves it too!  Last we checked she was around 23 pounds but has grown since then.  She is wearing 18 months clothing.  At night time she will walk herself upstairs into the bathroom where we brush her teeth.  She also likes coming in and sitting on the little potty next to you when you are in there.  She likes to snuggle and read books before bed.

Leela also enjoys picking flowers, eating rocks, and she giggles with glee on the swing outside.  She started walking at 13 months old and gets around really well.  She loves climbing up on things and has had her share of falls.

Both love dancing, picking apples, helping in the garden and with dishes, being close to Momma while she is cooking dinner and spending time outside in the sandbox. 

We had a wonderful busy summer and I am looking forward to enjoying fall and the holidays with them.  I am hoping to visit a pumpkin patch, go on a hayride, trick or treat with cousins, jump into leaf piles and clean up the garden with them.  We have our day to day struggles, but I am so happy with where we are at in life and I enjoy spending time with my two precious miracles.


Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Infertility - Does the pain ever end?

Its been a little while since I've touched on anything infertility related, but it has been on my mind recently and I thought it was time to circle back and reflect on a resounding theme that ran through my head while in the thick of things with infertility.  I often sat and wondered when it was all done, when we had our resolution would the pain go away? 

I am so happy to say our infertility resolution has come to us in the form of 2 of the most amazing miracles.  THEY make me so happy every day and to be honest sometimes its hard to even remember the pain and sadness of infertility.  Like it was some horrible dream and mostly I try to keep it that way not because it wasn't significant or real but because it was one of the most horrible things I have ever gone through.  We are so lucky that after having our son through IVF we were blessed with a miracle baby #2 naturally.  I know that isn't the case for everyone.  I am thankful for that blessing every single day.

So what is the real aftermath.  One of the most difficult things about infertility is how isolating it can be.  Relationships are strained.  Things like attending baby showers, and being involved in the lives of friends/family who are newly pregnant or new mothers becomes impossible.  Sometimes in order to function as a human being you have to protect your sanity and say, I need to step back, I need to protect myself.  I know it came to a point for me when I thought I might lose every single one of my friends.  I think I came close.  I wasn't myself, I wasn't able to function as a normal human being because my mind could only focus on one thing alone and that was figuring out my next step, waiting on another 2 week wait, hoping, crying and the truth is I was socially paralyzed by infertility.

A couple years in I started going to therapy and started on an anti depressant and while it helped it only made me numb to all the emotions I was feeling.  Then in early 2013 we underwent IVF and got our miracle.  I was pregnant!  All of a sudden everyone wanted to be there for me again because being pregnant is normal.  I didn't have time to process everything that happened because over halfway through my pregnancy my dad passed away suddenly.  A whole new train of emotion, sadness and coping.  Then our son was born and honestly I believe something you are never truly prepared for is having a newborn.  Something you wanted so badly is suddenly so much harder than you could have ever imagined and all you want to do is be happy but you are so tired and while I didn't realize it until having my second child I believe I struggled with post partum depression. 
9 months later I was pregnant again with our second and the hormones and emotional roller coaster continues.  It is different, it isn't sadness but I still feel there wasn't much time to process how I was really feeling "post infertility". 

So here I am.  My second baby is 15 months and while I could have written this post about a year ago I didn't know how things might shake out.  One of my strongest friendships I had through out my struggle with infertility came to a grinding halt.  While I knew it was happening with the above craziness going on I didn't have time to stop and think about it.  In the end I was told it was my selfishness and jealousy that ended it.  Sigh, was I selfish and jealous and probably a million things, yea I probably was.  Did I have a pretty darn good reason for the way I acted.  Yes I think I did.  It makes you question every thing that happened, every deep emotion that was shared to that trusted friend.  Why wasn't something said.  Could it have been worked out?  I don't know the answer.

Life happens and people change.  I have reconnected with many of the people I thought would be lost forever by the strains infertility put on our relationship.  Many are now stronger on the other side and I couldn't be happier.  I realize now and can see from their perspective that as much as I had to self preserve they did too.  Infertility is confusing and emotional.  Sometimes even I struggle to find the right things to say to friends that I have who have/are struggling with infertility now.  I guess the answer to my original question of "does the pain of infertility ever end" my answer is no it only changes.  The only thing you can do is communicate and be open to the perspective of those you want to keep close.  You may not always agree with them and they may not always agree with you, but if you truly do care about someone keep the door open that though you may not be able to be close right now it doesn't have to mean you won't be close again in the future and you may need that relationship in the future.


Sunday, June 26, 2016

Uf-da - - Septoplasty & Concha Bullosa Removal

 I have been down and out the past couple of days.   See subject line... Yea I had that done on Wednesday and now it is Sunday.  Basically long story short I was born with an extra "egg shell" like bone in my sinus.  How did I find that out you ask?  Well this is a long story!

First I have an extremely long history of allergies starting in high school following a trip to Europe in which I believe I was severely anemic.  Put on ALL of the meds over the years.

Fast forward to April 2016 noticed "popping" in my ear and finally couldn't stand it anymore! Scheduled appt with an ENT (ear nose throat specialist) $50

Diagnosis severe allergic reaction (probably) due to remodel dust caused misfunction of the part of the ear that pops when you go down a large hill.  Put on Flonase to control allergies.  Allergy test scheduled. $50

Follow up appt diagnosis, allergic to basically everything, dust, weeds, mold, pollen, cats, mice, dogs etc.  also on tail end of sinus infection. Follow up one week. $50

Discussion on moving forward with sinus balloon in office procedure to widen sinus with hope of lessening sinus infection frequency $50

Sinus CT $50

Follow up, scan shows concha bullosa and new option to shedule surgery to remove, straighten septum and balloon $50

Insurance approves surgery not balloon procedure

June 22nd Septoplasty & removal $ ??

And here we are trying to recover.  Follow up appt tomorrow AM to remove stents.

Interesting how you can live your life not knowing why you can't breath easily through your nose, get sinus infections etc... Interested to see if this was all worth it.


Monday, May 23, 2016

Birthday Girl

Oops a little late!  My baby turned 1 on May 9th.  We had a wonderful party the Saturday before where she got spoiled with gifts and lots of love from all the Uncles, Aunts and Cousins and Grandparents too. Then on the actual day of her birthday I took the day off of work and we went and got sushi for lunch and spent the day with our Cousin Sarah. 

She is such a beautiful little girl.  She is standing now on her own and taking a few steps here and there.  She is getting more independent and having fun playing on her own.  She will push trucks around on the floor until big brother comes and steals them.  Not really saying many words just yet but no doubt she lets you know what she is thinking via facial expressions and other noises. 

She thinks Richie is hilarious and loves wrestling around with him.  She is still napping 2x per day a short nap in the morning and a longer afternoon nap.  She is NOT a morning person.  She'd prefer to sleep in and Richie likes getting up early.  Her favorite food has to be mac n cheese and she also loves avocados.  She loves being outside and pulling grass and weeds.  She also loves playing in the sandbox.  We haven't done a lot of swimming yet, but so far she enjoys bath time.

She was just under 22 pounds and I forgot the length, I think around 30".  Tooth #7 & 8 on the bottom just popped through.  Life is so hectic and wonderful these days as you can tell I am rushed even typing up this post. 

In two weekends, we are going to visit my friend in Chicago and we are taking her BFF Violet (& momma Laci).  The boys will stay home.  Anyways, I wish I could document every precious moment but we are too busy living them and loving them! 


Wednesday, April 6, 2016


Ahhhh so this is contentment!  The kitchen and bathroom are nearly done and I just feel so happy with life right now.  My two little minions make me so happy and I just am loving this stage of life!  We have really been kind of caught up in the grind (and crummy weather) but today I finished work, picked up groceries and was just excited to be home with my people.  

Raising two small children and working full time requires quite a bit of schedule/discipline and I truly feel we have it down.  I can't say for sure things won't change once again and we will need to adjust but as I was cleaning up dinner and packing lunches for tomorrow there was a brief moment I thought... I've got this!

Friday, March 18, 2016

Renovation Part I

Remember I said we tore apart our house??

Here are some photos!

Then we took all this down and the wall...
And started putting it back together
To be continued...

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Renovation Life and 9/10 Months

Well this month has gotten away on me for posting so I guess I will have to do a joint March/Feb post.  We are deep into our kitchen/bath renovation and I think I've gone immune to the fact that I'm hating living without a kitchen.  Each day we figure out how to get through meal time and taking dishes to Mom's to wash them has becoming a weekly thing.  We have dust every where and walking through the construction zone is a part of every day life.  Please dear Lord let it be over soon.  I know I know it will be worth it, but I don't want to think about it until we are to the other side.  Renovation sucks!  I can't eat another days worth of easy mac!

On to other things...let's start with my Leela Jane.  She is always on the move whether going to pick up a spec of dirt, a bug or put some other awful thing in her mouth.  She LOVES big brother Richie and is one tough cookie.  I caught them rolling around on the floor together today and just as I went to yell "RICHIE be CAREFUL WITH THE BABY!!" I noticed she was laughing, and not just a little, a deep baby belly laugh.  She was loving it.  She is now standing with ease while braced on something and pulling herself up no problem.  She can cruise a bit along the couch and her favorite toy is her play table.

She eats three solid meals a day and is still taking 1 nursing in the morning, 3 bottles at daycare and another nursing session before bed which gets to be less and less.  My supply is now pretty poor and I really am winding down.  I try to at least pump 1 time at work and once before bed.

At her 9 month check up she weighed 18 pounds 15 ounces and was 28".  Just around 60 - 70th percentile for everything.  She is perfect in every way :) except she is a bit of eczema.  I am worried what the summer will bring since it shows up on her wrists, back of her knees and arms.  I am hoping the heat doesn't bother it too much.

She is now starting to say "ba ba ba" and sometimes "da da" but just once I heard "ma ma".  I love how she repeats it when we say it and then big brother morphs into a baby too and is all MA MA MA MA BA BA BA. LOL!

Mr Richie is now 2 and 3 months and let's just say he is a wee bit bossy.  I have to sometimes remind him he isn't the boss of me (really he is though) and the tantrums have really hit full force.  I am just learning myself how to deal with it but I haven't really hit my stride yet.  Anything that doesn't provide instant gratification is cause for screaming and his new favorite thing to say is "one more time".  He loves watching Thomas the train, Winnie the Pooh and CliPPARD (Clifford).  His favorite toys are his chainsaw, his trains and he loves playing with his sissy (see above, rolling around on the floor).  As any good big brother would he keeps Leela in line "NO NO NO LEEDA!"  "NO SPITTING OUT LEEDA, UCKY GERMS" "NO LEEDA MINE!!!!"  On the other hand he loves helping out with picking up wood for the fireplace, throwing away garbage and on a rare occasion cleaning up his toys...(burst into song) "CLEAN UP MY TOYS AWAY".  Before bed we let him watch a show and he loves to "SNUGGLE DADDY" (not usually Momma) and then at 8:00ish off to bed.  Then fires off the checklist - water - nukker - froggy blanket - ducky blanket - monkey blanket - *new* - elmo light and then you must touch ones (pointer fingers together) - high five - knuckles (he says nickels - hugs.... - more hugs - kisses GOOD NIGHT.  No days is a boring day around here.

At the end of January we went on our first family of 4 vacation and met up with our friends Josh & Laci who are also a new family of 4 at Chula Vista in the Dells.  We had a blast spending time in our condo, taking the kids to the waterpark and having a Daddy's night out and then a Mommy's night out.  We hope to do it again next year!

Anyways, I promise at some point I will post before and after pictures of the renovation but for now I need to get to bed!!


Monday, January 18, 2016

8 Months and life

We've got a mover!  Miss Leela has begun crawling and oh man is she a pro. It intrigues me because I remember Richie working at it from 6 months until he started which I believe was around the same time.  He rocked and rocked and rocked some more for over a month.  Leela just seems to be a natural.  Once she decided she was ready it didn't take much and away she went.  She looks so petite like a ladybug when she crawls.  Adorable!

Let's see.. Mr. Richie , well he is a fairly typical 2 year old.  He knows his colors, we are working on numbers and can recognize the letters in his name.  He is obsessed with the minions and we have watched Despicable Me 2 every day for a couple months now.  He is developing quite the personality and enjoys testing his momma on a daily basis.

The great kitchen remodel 2016 is getting ready to be underway and I'm so excited!  Cabinets are being ordered on Monday. I will for sure be documenting the progress.  It will be my dream kitchen!  That's all I have for now.  We have a little mini family vacation in a couple weeks.  Here are a few recent photos