Sunday, June 26, 2016

Uf-da - - Septoplasty & Concha Bullosa Removal

 I have been down and out the past couple of days.   See subject line... Yea I had that done on Wednesday and now it is Sunday.  Basically long story short I was born with an extra "egg shell" like bone in my sinus.  How did I find that out you ask?  Well this is a long story!

First I have an extremely long history of allergies starting in high school following a trip to Europe in which I believe I was severely anemic.  Put on ALL of the meds over the years.

Fast forward to April 2016 noticed "popping" in my ear and finally couldn't stand it anymore! Scheduled appt with an ENT (ear nose throat specialist) $50

Diagnosis severe allergic reaction (probably) due to remodel dust caused misfunction of the part of the ear that pops when you go down a large hill.  Put on Flonase to control allergies.  Allergy test scheduled. $50

Follow up appt diagnosis, allergic to basically everything, dust, weeds, mold, pollen, cats, mice, dogs etc.  also on tail end of sinus infection. Follow up one week. $50

Discussion on moving forward with sinus balloon in office procedure to widen sinus with hope of lessening sinus infection frequency $50

Sinus CT $50

Follow up, scan shows concha bullosa and new option to shedule surgery to remove, straighten septum and balloon $50

Insurance approves surgery not balloon procedure

June 22nd Septoplasty & removal $ ??

And here we are trying to recover.  Follow up appt tomorrow AM to remove stents.

Interesting how you can live your life not knowing why you can't breath easily through your nose, get sinus infections etc... Interested to see if this was all worth it.