Thursday, May 19, 2011

"Up North"

Photo taken by Kendall Suhr
What is your "getaway?"  You know when you just need some time to take your mind off of the real world, forget about responsibility and just relax? 

We are very lucky becase almost 20 years ago (may have to check on that number) my parents bought some land in what we refer to as Wisconsinites as "up north" and we have been going up there on weekend getaways ever since.  I guess it isn't really that far north, but it is just enough to carry the mystique of northern Wisconsin.  A private lake, pine trees, fishing, mosquitos, grilling out and campfires, and anyone who has been "up north" knows the feeling behind it.  Whether you are camping, or staying in a cabin that feeling is the same.  You can't go for a walk without having most of the vehicles wave to you, the local bar always has your favorite beer on hand and ready to serve, and the fish are always biting.  It is almost like an alternate reality.

I just love going up there because it almost feels like a weight is lifted off your shoulders and when you pull in the driveway you can almost feel a calmness like nowhere else (or maybe that is just from the beer you cracked open before noon.)

So where do you go to getaway?  Does any other state have a comparable "up north"?


Monday, May 2, 2011

What next?

This past weekend I participated in my very first (and probably last) half marathon.  What an amazing experience!  I have actually been training for this for quite some time, but the past few weeks got a little off track. I actually only made it up to 6 miles in my training so I was a little nervous about how I would last for the full 13.1 miles.

I had a very nice day to run it was cool and a little windy, but when it was at my back was perfect!  The first 7 miles I just so happened to run with a girl who ran at the same pace as I did.  We would cheer each other on at the mile markers.  She kept me going and got me past my difficult step of breaking past 6 miles.  She moved on a little faster and I started slowing my pace.  Mile 8, Mile 9 and then Mile 10.  I felt a big surge of emotion at mile 10 and actually teared up a little bit.  Mile 11-13 was just a complete mind game, but the last .1 mile I had Kendall (my sister-in-law) Melissa (my good friend since first grade) and Dicky  (my hubby) to cheer me on and a final adrenaline rush to push me past the finish line.  2 hours 13 minutes and 18 seconds, no walking and only a pause at the water station to grab something to drink.

What an awesome feeling to be able to push myself and accomplish my goal.  As mentioned I don't have a desire to do another one or even consider a full marathon any time soon.  I am very happy with running my 3 miles and being done, but I am so happy to say, "hey I've done that!"

The question now is what will be next?  Truthfully I don't really know.  I am happy right now just to get back to regular cross training, having time to garden and walk my dogs. 

Any suggestions are welcome!


PS Check out the Fitness Page for more pictures and a link to view my stats from the run.