Hard to see, but we planted 30 arborvitae in early spring of 2012!  Hopefully to one day have a privacy wall from the parking lot.

Shelves! -nothing major just a few "themed" shelves I put up.  The first is my International Shelf.  The first picture is the whole wall.  The second you can see the globe, bottles of hennessy I bought while in France on a high school trip (yes they let us buy that, but not drink it :) ) and my Rome, London, Paris frames!  The 3rd pictures is my kitchen shelf with my cute little teapot!

Outdoor Backyard Project Update (July 25, 2011)

It is time to pull out these nasty stumps!

Thanks A & N Dirt Works Inc!

Now time to grow some grass and put up a garden shed!

Thanks for your help Dad!

I love it!!!

Outdoor Backyard Project (March 19th, 2011)

We began our outdoor project this weekend!  Here are some of the before pictures:

 Okay let's cut some trees down..

This is the next day after we burned that massive pile of brush!

After we pull out the stumps and even out the ground we want to plant arborvitae, put in a tool shed and plow up a small garden!
Kitchen Remodel - Winter 2010
The ultimate project!  There is no better way to test a relationship then by tearing down some walls together.  We have some fun outdoor projects planned for 2011.  Stay tuned...

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Gina said...

Oh my gosh! I can't believe the change! I am excited to see the end result :)