2013 - A good year for handmade :)

February 2013

Decided to put this in new frame!

A pair of mittens for my friend Melissa from her old sweaters!

Shelf Conversion - January 2013

My Daddio made this shelf for my childhood bedroom year ago and I decided I wanted to take it into my home and make it a fun little "happiness shelf" BUT first it needed a little work.

So I bought adhesive shelving liner and cut it to size and began lining the back of each shelf.

Kind of tedious, but turned out really cool.  It is also removable so if I get sick of it I can pull it out and change it!

Here it is complete.

Now it is time to fill the shelves!

Does this drawing look familiar?

This weekend my sister-in-law and I decided we wanted to have a crafting day!  We decided the main project was going to be "Sweater Mittens".  I found a great video tutorial and pattern here.  It was also a lot of fun looking around for sweaters to turn into the mittens and in my closet I found this old 100% wool blanket that I believe was made to be mittens:

Apron Crazy!
Bless my dear husband for asking, "When did there become such a boom in the need for aprons?"  I guess I just love making them (and wearing them) so here are a couple I have been working on.  The first is a refashion from an old tank top which will be the perfect size for my niece.  The second is a pattern from my new "Vintage Aprons"  I'm a bit further along now than in the picture at the bottom and will post the finished result once I get there.  I learned a new technique which I'm excited to use in other projects (gathering).  Simple and easy way to create ruffles!

Almost done...

Back Side

Christmas 2012
Remember when I wrote about this?  Well I wanted to share my ornament and little craft that went along with it!

No pattern to follow, just trial and error...

Ornament holder!

Fabric scraps and leftovers from my VERY NERDY CHRISTMAS skirt.

Scrabble letters for me and Jack of Diamonds for playing 500 with my Grandma for Dick!

My little helper got tired and went and napped on the air mattress.


Halloween 2012 has been awhile.  I normally don't do a ton of crafting in the summer months because it is so busy with everything going on and I would rather be outside. it is getting colder and time to get back into the sewing room.  This year I had some fun making our Halloween Costumes:

Homemade Cheerleader Costume

Step 1: Found old sweater and skirt that were close in color
Step 2: Removed sleeves and shortened hem on skirt.  Used bottom of skirt to create 2nd skirt. 

Step 3: Bought a few accessories and add details to outfit. 
Step 4: Prepare to go out for the evening. 
Step 5: Take adorable pictures to remember the evening :)
"The Jock and the Cheerleader(s)"

I never shared with you my 28th birthday present from the Mr...ahhhhhhhhhh!

2012 Crafts Ect.
Upcoming PROJECT!!!
Are you ready for my biggest challenge yet?

The DRESS: $3.00 St. Vincent De Paul
100% Silk

Just awful!!! Old lady saggy booby look.

A couple ideas for TRANSFORMATION!

Stay tuned to see how this one turns out!!!

$6.99 Goodwill Dress Project

Jan/Feb 2012

This is the skirt I decided to make from a pattern as part of my goals for 2012.  I got a really good start on it, but then realized the size is probably going to be too small to fit me and have lost a little steam on finishing it.  I have a few other projects I have been working on as well, but plan to make this one a priority to finish.  I learned a lot already since this skirt is pretty complex - darts, pleats, zipper, pockets ect.  so it was still a really good learning project!

to be continued!

Another Good Will Transformation! Dress = $6.99

Love the shoulder pads BUT they have to GO!

Might need to save these - LOL!

Already looking better!

Off with the sleeves...


Puppy Jacket - Tapped into my true craftiness by drawing up the pattern/design myself!

December 2011 - Apron with Ruffle.  First attempt at using a pattern.

9/29/11 Another GoodWill Treasure Transformation!



9/5/11 I have big feet.  Size 11 dressy shoes are very difficult to find.  I really only have a few stores that I even bother looking anymore.  This past weekend I went shopping at DSW (a store that actually carries 11's) and I found a pair of shoes that I loved, only they didn't have the color I wanted in my size.  Sadly I realized I would have to keep looking until an idea popped into my head...what if I just took something I already had and bam.... ENJOY!

These shoes haven't been worn in probably 2 years...

Let's remove those bows!!

Much better! Okay time to bedazzle!

Nothing a little hot glue can't do...

Ooo la la, now can I do it again with the other shoe?

Yes! I think I found a new hobby!


7/25/11 - A full length apron made from fabric from my mother-in-law

5/27/11 - Another Good Will find $2.99 Picnic Basket!

You know I had to JAZZ it up!

5/9/11 - Here is Addison in her new apron.  She is so cute!  Dick commented that I better enjoy it while she can't talk back.  He said when she is 18 and I am knitting her sweaters for Christmas she might not like that as much :).

I made a cute little apron for my niece/goddaughter Addison to wear in her "play" kitchen from remnants I got at a cute little shop in Prairie du Chien, WI.  Let's hope she likes it! 5-6-11

Here is an idea if you have made a quilt and have some leftovers.  I had a little bit of material and batting left over from the quilt I made this winter.  I took the rest and turned it into a kneeling cushion which I will use while gardening.  3-11-11


Winter 2011

Quilt Update.  This project was started a few months back refer to The Things We do for LOVE post for details...  I have finally finished the quilt and here is the finished project.

I was pretty lazy about finishing this off the right way, but it still looks nice.  Now let's test is out!

   Bosko seemed to like it!

    Perfect for naps!

Both very happy to have this project done.  What will be next?? 

Stay tuned to find out!


I was cleaning up my craft room and stumbled upon some old drawing projects:


I have also been "refinishing" old dresses.  Here's how:

Step 1: Find an ugly, but well fit dress from a thrift store.

Step 2:  Get the seem ripper out and remove those grandma sleeves!

Step 3:  Show off those legs!  Shorten the hem to a suitable length depending on where you plan on wearing the dress when it is complete.

Step 4: Rock your new dress with a pair of heels and some great accessories!

Here is my Senior Prom Dress.  I thought I was pretty stylish back then.  Here is an easy update to bring an old dress back to life!

Step 1: Dust off an old dress that was worn once many many years ago!

Step 2:  Chop off that goofy checkered look...

Step3:  Hem

Step 4:  Find an event or wedding to show off your "new" look!


Kendall Suhr said...

Addison loves her apron, she wore it all night last night!

Kate said...

I think everyone has problems with fit sometimes. Since I am "busty" I always have to start a size up and take it in almost everywhere besides the bust. The best thing you can do in sewing is start too big, you can always make it smaller, but you can't add fabric! I have more than one unfinished project because I realized it wasn't going to fit. Below are some patterns that would be pretty easy, and wouldn't require as much fitting. (I think dress A is cute...with a belt.) (Top A is kinda cute)

Julie said...

Hey Kate! Thanks for the pattern ideas they are cute. I learned my lesson since I bought these patterns awhile ago I made the largest size (size 12) which I tend to go between 12-14 so I guess my mistake was made back when I bought the pattern. Now I know better!

Kate said...

Love the Goodwill Dress! So cute :)