8 Week Fitness Challenge Results
Week 1. -5.2 Pounds ---------- -2.6% overall
Week 2. -0.4 Pound ----------- -2.7% overall
Week 3. -1.0 Pound ----------- -3.29% overall
Week 4. -0.6 Pound ----------- -3.58% overall
Week 5.
Week 6.
Week 7.
Week 8.
I have always loved me some McDonald's breakfast.  My favorite is the sausage egg mcmuffin which comes at a hefty 450 calories, 27g of fat and 10g saturated fat - YIKES!

I found a healthier alternative which is quick and easy to make in the morning.  Maybe even faster than going through the drive through to get fast food!

It is a sausage egg flat bread sandwich made by Special K.  I thought the taste was good (less greasy) and the savings in calories (-210) and fats (-16 and -6 saturated) definitely make it worth the SWAP!

2013 - Healthy Reset
Clear your mind of can't. -Samuel Jackson
Sometimes I just love being so cliche.  Nothing like a New Year to reset and begin new again.  After a long 5 months of feeling bad about myself and letting myself gain too much weight it is time for a new start.  My sister-in-law and I have put together a healthy weight loss challenge adapted from this.

It involves not just losing weight, but putting in place a healthy lifestyle rewarded with points and of course a chance for some $$$$!  I will keep you posted as I begin on this new challenge and if you want to get involved give me a shout!  Taking the before pictures tonight...ugh!


12/23/12-Santa Hustle - this was a fun, but difficult race.  Much of it was spent in crowds of people running on ice so I had a very slow time (just over 32:00) but all things considered was extremely happy that I did this:

12/11/12 - Oh have I been slacking!  With everything going on lately I have been a total slacker when it comes to being a decent fit and healthy person.  I came to this realization awhile ago, but finally came to a breaking point after seeing an unflattering photo of myself!  Ouch! The tough thing is I get all fired up to get in shape and then I have an IUI or a surgery and get scared to do "too much".  However lately I have just been flat out lazy lately!

So I decided to sign up with my sister-in-law for this: 

I have been doing short runs off and on lately so I really need to buckle down and get ready!

I want to track my workouts here:

12/22 - RACE DAY!
12/17 - 3.00 Mile Run Outside
12/14 - 3.00 Mile Run / 2.00 Mile Walk
12/11 - 3.00 Mile Run Treadmill
12/10 - 15 arc trainer/15 running on treadmill
June 2012 - AM :30 Minute Challenge

My co-worker and I decided to do an AM Challenge which basically is you have to get up and work out for at least :30 minutes in the AM (before work for us).  This is only on weekdays and doesn't count when we will be traveling.  SOOO!  I decided to get a jump on it the past two days and I will do my best to keep my activity posted here! :) -

June 1 - :30 minute lift
June 6 - 3 mile outdoors run
June 7 - :15/15 minutes cardio arc trainer/bike
June 8 - :30 minute lift
June 11 - 3 mile outdoors run
June 12 - :30 minute lift
June 13 - :30 minute cardio
June 14 - 3 mile outdoor run
June 15 - :30 minute lift
June 18- :30 minute cardio
June 19 - :30 minute lift
June 20 - 3 mile outdoor run
June 25 - :30 minute indoor cardio
June 26 - :30 minute lift
June 27 - 3 mile outdoor run
June 28
June 29

April 2012 - This girl has been LAZY and due to the treatments I had been going through earlier this year I had to put heavy workouts on hold.  This has had a direct effect on my waistline so I am back at the jogging.  The goal is to do another 5K in June or July.  I will do my best to track my progress here!

4/23/12 - 1.25 miles - 15 minutes (outside)
4/24/12 - 2 miles - 20 minutes (treadmill)
4/26/12 - 3.2 miles - 32 minutes (outside park loop)

December = 500 Minutes of Cardio Challenge
This December I decided to challenge myself (along with a friend :) ) to do 500 minutes of cardio in December.  This is roughly :30 4x per week (not too crazy).  Setting a goal to challenge yourself is a great way to motivate yourself to get to the gym when it is so cold and dark outside.  Anyways, I will keep you posted!

12/6/11 - 395 minutes to go!
12/13/11 - 275 minutes to go!
12/16/11 - 215 minutes to go!
12/19/11 - 185 minutes to go!
12/20/11 - 140 minutes to go!
12/22/11 - 95 minutes to go!  Almost there!


November 19, 2011 - Turkey Trot - Lake Geneva 5K Trail Run 29:15
Not a very attractive picture, but this is the only one we took.
I placed 101 out of 420, 23 female to finish and 5 out of 55 in my age group!

 April 29, 2011 - Jailbreak 1/2 Marathon - Wautoma, WI
 Here I am in the final stretch...
 2 Hours 13 Minutes and 18 seconds !!!
Here is the website for the 1/2 Marathon I did !

You can also see my race on my Garmin Forerunner including speed, heart rate, calories, distance ect.

Riverfest 5K 2010
This is certainly one of my love/hate relationships.  In 2009 I began participating in some 5K's, 2010 I did a few more and a mini-triathlon and 2011 I am training for a 1/2 Marathon.  Feel free to share your joys and pains of running, sports, lifting...ect.

Here is more information about the 1/2 Marathon I am training for !

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Gracelyn said...

Congrats on your half marathon! I can't even imagine. I'd like to start running and being more active (perhaps it'll help us in the baby department!) Hope you can help with pointers!