2014 Gardening
4/8/14 - Indoor Garden Planted (better late than never)

2013 Landscaping & Gardening Spring

2012 Late Summer Garden (Jul/Aug)
This year's garden has been pretty interesting.  We had a major drought this summer and had to do a lot of watering.  We still had a rough time keeping everything green and ended up losing our green beans.  We had a lot of cucumbers, great green peppers and jalapenos, tomatos which are still coming and a few zucchini.  It may be too late, but eggplant are also blossoming right now.  I have had a lot of problems with insects!  They are attacking my rose bushes :(.

I cheated a little bit.  The tomatoes on the table are from my Dad's Garden.

Garden 2012 (as of May 31, 2012)

March 2012

2/7/12 - Almost time for indoor seedlings!!!
In my excited-ness about indoor seedling season I ordered a heated seedling mat 48x20".  Since we keep the "grower" in the basement I realized it is a little to chilly downstairs for perfect growing conditions so I think this will help keep the temperature up while the seedlings germinate and grow!


**Composting! (2012 Goal in the works)**
1/9/12 - A goal of mine in 2012 is to compost more often.   I have had a small bin in the past that is now over run and basically an eye sore in the backyard.

Okay it is a MAJOR eye sore, so I decided I wanted to build a better functioning, more attractive to the eye compost bin with 2 compartments. 

With the help of my Dad and some 2x6's we were able to build an amazing compost bin to place behind our shed.

It still needs to be filled, but basically the 2 compartments are for the "old and almost ready to go" and the new stuff that still needs to break down.  Gardening 2012 is going to be spectacular!


Fall Bulb Planting - just a note to self, it is December 1st, 2011 and I still do not have those bulbs in the ground.  I will be planting them this week.  When they are terrible this spring I can look back and realize it was my fault for waiting so long.

Salsa 2011

Not salsa, but this photo is just too cute.

2011 Garden Summary (8/26/11) - I don't have pictures to share, but I realized that my little indoor garden project was a success, HOWEVER I mixed up the plants and ended up with a lot of winter squash (acorn and butternut) and my Dad ended up with my cucumber and most of my zucchini.  We had planned on sharing the plants 50/50.  My tomatos are very extreme, 1/2 of them very small and the other very large.  I feel like I learned a lot this year.  Not only did all of my tulip bulbs get eaten by squirrels (which now I will have to replant again this fall), but I also didn't end up with all the plants I wanted.  Somehow we didn't end up with any eggplant anywhere and I am sure it was planted. 

Oh well.  There is always next year! 

July - Garden

5 Tomato Plants (3 from indoor garden, 2 that replanted on their own from last year)

Zucchini - Winter Squash

Cucumbers and Eggplant  - Winter Squash and Zucchini

The last lone pepper plant.

May 26th - Garden and More Flowers

May Flowers - May 2, 2011
I planted my outdoor early spring garden today.  We have had such a cold spring this is much later than last year, but I planted basil, lettuce, spinach, radish and green beans.  Here is a sneakpeak at some of the flowers that have come up so far.

Grandpa McFarland's Swan hiding out in the Day Lilys

 My little helpers

Artificial Light Gardening Project - Indoor Seedlings

Part 3. Growing March 30, 2011

Part 2.  Planting - March 11, 2011
We are finllay starting to get some decent weather!  This Saturday I started getting ready for my outdoor garden by planting my indoor garden.  I planted a variety of seeds tomatos, peppers, squash, cucumber, zucchinni, eggplant, peas and jalapenos!  Each of the 4 gardens have been labeled as Garden #1-4 and each row labeled a-e.  Then I wrote what I planted in my garden journal in each of the rows.  This is important because when the seedlings begin to grow it will be much easier to distinguish what each plant is and the amount of space they will needed when planted outdoors.

Lights are on - 10 hours per day


Part 1.  Set - up -February, 7 2011
  • Box 54" long x 36"wide
  • Boards to hold light 36" tall
  • 2 hooks to hang lights
  • 4' shop light
  • 2 - 48" plant & aquarium F40 lights
  • 4 - Jiffy seed starter plantable peat pot kit holds 50 seedling each
  • Miracle Gro Seed Starter soil
  • Seeds (more details to come of what I will be using)
  • watering can
  • miracle gro
 2010 Garden Salsa
I would have to say last year was my first successful attempt at vegetable and flower gardening.  It is one of my favorite summertime activites.  I have some exciting plans for the 2011 gardening season which I will be sharing because as with everything it is a project!


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Thanks for posting all of this, Julie. Last year I just bought my plants from the greenhouse and will do the same thing again this year, but after reading this, I think I might try starting with some seeds next year. Good luck with your garden!

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