Monday, May 5, 2014

5 Months and the Psychic!

So my little sweetheart is 5 months old!!!  He has gotten so active!  It is good and bad because he doesn't necessarily like to just snuggle with his Momma as much as he used to.  It is fun to watch him play on his own on the floor or in his saucer.  He LOVES listening to me play guitar and just lays still and watches my fingers move around.  He is the best kind of audience!!  When he's ready for me to be done he just cries. LOL!  This is my last week home with him.  I am hoping to absorb every second of this I can.  He is napping though pretty often, not sure if it is due to the teething??  Other than the sleeping he doesn't seem to bothered by it, but just a little extra cranky every once and awhile.  He isn't very interested in teething rings...just as usual clear nuk (which he has mastered picking up and putting into his mouth on his own!)  Here are some pics:

This past week I went to a psychic.  Now before you get all sorts of crazy ideas about this I went with an open mind and no expectations.  I thought it more for entertainment purposes...and hey it was at a winery!  No lose right!?  We were told to bring a belonging from the person who has passed.  I took Dad's hunting hat.

I went with my SIL Kendall and when we showed up there were way more people than expected and they decided to draw names.  Guess who got to go first?!  So here is what she told me: (MY THOUGHTS IN PARENTHESIS)

"Do you have anxiety issues? Like worry a lot?  (YES)  You definitely push yourself too hard and you NEED to get more sleep.  (TRUE)  You have a vacation coming up in June. (YES)  You need it!  

You have a son. (YES) Does he have anxiety issues too? (No he's a baby.)  Be aware as he grows up he may be shy. (I was extremely shy as a kid).  This hat belongs to your Dad (UMMM holy shit, yes).  He is very aware of your son and will make his presence known around him.  Your Dad's name is part of your son's name correct? (Uhhhh this is getting freaky...YES HIS MIDDLE NAME IS ROGER).  Your Dad is very aware of this and is so proud.  His goal when he passed was to make sure your son came into this world healthy.  (OKAY IS THIS PRANK?)

Your Dad does not want to talk about his death, was he starting to get sick before his passing and then he went very suddenly??  (YUP)  He wasn't quite ready, but he didn't want to grow old and suffer and have to have people take care of him. (RIGHT ON)...Was there a strange song at his funeral, like maybe one he wouldn't have known?  (YUP)...He is laughing that you would pick a song he didn't know.  (OMG)...

You have money coming your way!  (I start my new job next week)  You have been in a rut and your Dad has been pushing you towards this career, you will climb up the ladder quickly and be successful!  (SWEET!)

You are going to have 3 children...maybe twins?  (OMG could totally happen if we do IVF again) Or maybe 2 very close in age, but definitely 3 kids. (I asked if anything else)...She said you have a new job, vacation and children...THAT'S ENOUGH!!! Ha Ha!

I was in total shock.  We continued to listen to a bunch of other readings and no two were even close to being the same so it wasn't like she used the same stuff over and over again.  I don't know what any of it means or if it means anything.  It was a fun and interesting experience.  Anyways...that is all for now.