Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A New Year, Same Goal

Well I still feel the happy kick of the New Year feeling, but moving forward into 2013 we have the same goal.  We want to have a baby!  As we near our IVF appointment I keep looking for signs in hopes to keep my attitude positive.  So I was excited to get an "in your face" (in a good way sign) in the form of a fortune cookie:
A little corny I know, but how cool!  Maintaining the course seems to become more and more difficult as the stakes go higher and higher.  My goal moving forward from today is to try and stay calm.  This has been difficult the past few days due some things going on in my life, but I started reading:
This has helped me to wind down at the end of the night, drink my bedtime tea and make one aspect of my life seem simple.  I want to continue to do this each night.  I have also been really focused on getting better with my sewing and crafting.  Here are a few things I have been working on:

Just getting started on an apron from my new "Vintage Apron" book
Continuing to refashion and recycle old clothing into new things...
Now an apron for my niece!

100% Wool Blanket
Now cute wool/sweater mittens!
First pair I made
So I have been keeping busy, but trying to not be too busy.  I just keep reminding myself I need to "stay the course."  Thank you delicious Chinese takeout for the reminder and delicious egg rolls!



Janet said...

Love, love, love the mittens!

Julie said...

Thanks Janet!