Sunday, February 13, 2011

My Special Valentine

30 years ago today it was Friday the 13th.  It was not only the day before Valentine's day, but a very special woman went into labor with her first child.  She was a strong yet stubborn woman who refused to have her first child be born on that unlucky Friday so she labored through the night and held out so he was born Saturday February 14th.  That strong stubborn woman went on to have 4 other wonderful children.  You may have figured out that the special boy born that day was Richard Thomas Goss!  I think as he grew up she maybe realized that he was meant to be born on that Friday the 13th, not Valentines day since he was very naughty as most little boys are, but she loved him very much.

Today I am very lucky to call that man my husband.  Every Valentine's Day is extra special and I am excited to celebrate yet another Valentine/Birthday this year.  As most couple's have their own ways of showing they love each other we have a couple unique traditions.  I wouldn't consider our relationship a traditional romantic relationship.  One of my favorite is that we started collecting $.50 cent pieces and $2 bills so whenever one of us comes across them we give it to the other as a surprise.  Most often it is just the small every day things that make each other most happy, picking up milk for the other (I drink skim, he drinks 2%), letting the other person choose the TV program, or making dinner before the other gets home.

Do you have any traditions or little ways you show each other how much you love them?

So Happy 30th Birthday (tomorrow) to Dicky and Happy Valentine's Day!


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