Thursday, June 2, 2011

Summer Activites

The past couple of days in Wisconsin indicate that we have skipped right over spring and gone straight to summer.  I think many people had to turn their heat on last week and their air conditioner this week.  I guess you just never know what to expect!  Thankfully it is very easy to forget those long, cold winter days when the temperature jumps from 50 degrees last week to 90 degree this week.  What the heck bust out that swim suit!

We have been taking full advantage of the weather warming up by doing a lot of fishing and yard work.  Mostly I do the yard work and Dick goes fishing, but on the rare occasion as you can see below we go fishing together.  This particular trip even Lady got to come along.

This past weekend was Memorial Weekend so we got to take an extra day off and drink beer and eat brats....ahhh heaven!  This is also the time of year that each weekend seems to book up faster than you can write it down in the calendar.  I hate that!  It makes it difficult to find time to do all the things I love in the short amount of time we have before it starts to get cold again.  It makes it very difficult to decide which things to attend and which to send your regrets.

So how do you decide?  First come first serve?  Attend everything you can?  Limit which things you attend?


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