Wednesday, August 24, 2011

REJECTION...isn't always "no" forever

One thing I have learned in my advertising sales career is that even though you get a lot of rejections, those rejections don't always mean no forever.  Most of the time it is more like, NO (not right now), NO (I'm too busy to talk), NO (until I get fired and replaced by someone who will say yes...this is my favorite) or NO (I'm not even the right person to be talking to in the first place.)

With this thought I can compare them to my problems with infertility.  Dealing with the emotions of rejection each month is very much like being told NO on a sales call.  Most of the time with a sales call you hang up, get over it and make the next phone call, but take what you learned from the previous and apply it to the next.  Each NO is one step closer to the next yes.  You can't really control what the person on the other line is going to say much like you can't control when you body decides to get pregnant. 

Okay...where am I going with this?  Over the past 23 months I have learned a lot of things that do not work for me.  I am still in the middle of my 3rd and final month on Letrozole and finally realized that the added stress of the drug messing with my hormones is not for me.  Not only has it not worked up to this point, but in my opinion has made dealing with everything more difficult.  My husband refers to it as the hormone rollercoaster and it has made me do and say some pretty crazy things that I wouldn't normally and for the most part I haven't felt like Julie the past 3 months.  While I am still in this 100% and my feelings haven't changed about what I want, I feel like I need to go about my "treatment" differently.  I have my check-in with the doctor next week and will hopefully be able to discuss some alternative treatments.

In addition I am going to add "Restoring Fertility" which is a Yoga Infertility DVD to my routine.

Your prayers, luck, wishes, good juju are always welcome, until next time "Namaste".


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