Friday, September 16, 2011

Quick Update...don't get your hopes up.

Happy Friday Everyone!  Not that anybody is waiting at the edge of their seats or anything, but I wanted to update you about my doctors appointment on August 31st to discuss our options for..."what next" in my battle (at least that is what it feels like) against infertility.

I asked Dick if he would come along with me and he had the day off so he could come.  We got to the appointment on time, but since they have a new computer system they seemed backed up, not that anybody mentioned that we needed to expect a wait.  So we sat in the waiting room and watched countless 7-8 months along pregnant women bustle in and out.  Oddly none of them looked happy or excited.  This was odd to me.  I guess going to the doctor is never an exciting thing and I don't know their story so maybe I should just shut up.  One that really stuck out in my mind was this had to be 16-18 year old girl who was so pregnant she looked like she was going to fall forward with how small she was and how big her belly was.  She was just strutting around the reception room back and forth between what I assume was her boyfriend and the front desk lady.  The boyfriend did not look at all happy to be there.

Such wonderful blessings these people have been given and not one of them seemed happy about it.  Then again, I shouldn't judge because I don't know their situation, but it is hard not to.  Anyways, the deal is we waited about 45 minutes and finally about the time we were ready to find out what was going on.  They called my name and we went back.  I tried to plead my case about the pills and how moody, bipolar and crazy they made me, but she reasoned with me that everything seemed to be getting on a regular cycle and getting through this will all be worth it.  I had to agree.  Three more months on the pills, the tracking, timing everything out and then we will discuss what we want to do.  She is going to recommend IUI.  I said, I hope we don't need it.  The end.

I am looking forward to a nice weekend away to do a little hunting (opening bow hunting season), spending time with the in-laws, and preparing yet another naive young woman to join the MRS. GOSS club.  (Kate if you are reading this that is only a joke ;)



Kate said...

Lol! That is funny since I did actually read this....just a week late!

Julie said...

But only 2 weeks to go! I am so excited for you both!