Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Red or White?

Great friends, great wine! 1950's theme night!
  This post is to all my "wino" friends!  I have decided to begin a quest to transition myself from a white wine drinker to a red wine drinker.  Why?  I don't know, maybe because it seems more sophisticated, I have heard it is healthier, well I guess I don't really know why!

Anyways, I was reading on Wine Lover's Web Page that many American's bascially grew up drinking and eating things that have been artificially sweetened and that is why when we drink wine we generally prefer white.  This makes sense!  I like my sweet white wine cold (another thing they mention is that we generally prefer drinks cold.)  I remember traveling overseas one thing I always noticed is that they never put ice in anything.  So this also makes sense.  The main thing that really was helpful in this post was that you aren't supposed to compare the experience of drinking white wine to drinking red wine.  Ah-ha!  I don't have to be a "red" only I can be both!  It is like comparing iced coffee to green tea.  They both have caffeine, but they are two completely different drinks!   You see where I am going with this.

Okay so where to get started?  The first thing I would like to do is get to know my red wines and why they are different and maybe find something that can get me started in the "reds".  Most people don't start drinking their coffee black right?  Now I need your help.  If anyone can recommend a nice red that is not too dry, but a serious "red" wine (not just a fruity, red in color wine) for a red wine drinker I am all ears.  I don't want to just make a guess and end up disappointed.

Any other advice is much appreciated.  I also want to share a good website for all you Wisconsin wine drinkers out there.  This is the homepage for the Wineries of Wisconsin: http://www.wiswine.com/.  There is nothing like a good wine tasting!

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Anonymous said...

I suggest going with a mixed red, I personally like pillar box red (brand). It's not too dry and has good flavor. If you like sweet wine don't start off with anything too dry. Dark chocolate pairs very nicely with red wine, so something else for you to try out and experiment with!

Julie said...

You had me at dark chocolate! LOL. I will have to look for that. Is there a specific type of Pillar Box Red you suggest?