Monday, February 4, 2013

Come Follow Me!

Hey Everyone,

I have decided I need to go private with my blog for the time being.  I have so much going on right now and want to be able to share it all (without wonder or fear of who could be reading it)!!!  This doesn't mean you have to stop reading my just need to sign up for it.  Some may have already done this.  You can either click here or if you see on the left hand side where you can "follow" my blog.  I will keep it public for ONE MORE WEEK and then it will be private and only those followers will be able to view my content.

Don't be shy, come follow me!



Katie Warpinski said...

Hey Julie,
I've made my blog private due to worry about the strange vistors to my site and possible of stealing photos, but I've had to have an email to allow them to see it. HOw does Friend connect work?

Julie said...

Hi Katie,

You should be able to click on Follow over on the right hand side. Then if you already have a google account, which it looks like you do you should just have to fill in your email and password. Are you having problems?