Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Grow Follies Grow!!!

Today's song is brought to you by Jason Aldean :).  This song has made me cry about 100 times in the last 3 years.  If you listen to the entire thing you will know why.  However, this song also makes me hopeful that someday Dick and I can laugh until we cry about this whole ordeal.

So I did my first injections last night!  Let me tell you I was nervous and it took forever.  I wasn't nervous about the actual act of giving the shot, but the mixing and measuring was scary.  A dumb mistake could cause hundreds of dollars so you have to be careful!  The Follistim comes in a vial which you put into the Follistim pen.  Not too big of a deal especially now that it is done.  I only have to change the vial every few days.  The Menopur was kind of a pain.  It comes in two vials and you have to mix them and change needles 3 times.  Overall, not too bad though and not very painful...yet.  By the end of the week I think I will be a professional.  The PIO is what scares me.  I'll explain that more once I am actually taking it.

My first u/s is going to be this Thursday morning.  Until then GROW FOLLIES GROW!



julie Thomas said...

I this whole drawing up stuff comes natural to me being a pharmacy tech we draw up stuff everyday :) I am more nervous about the injection it self! I can draw up all day, but don't actually like poking myself! Lol we would make a good team! I can draw up and you give!! LOL good luck!

Julie said...

That is funny Julie...I think we would make a good team. Its not so much the poking part that hurts, it is the burn after you inject it. Its not really all that bad though.