Monday, March 25, 2013

9dp5dt - Beta Eve

First let's begin by talking about the amazing weekend.  As I had mentioned, my birthday was on Saturday and I turned 29.  I had a theme party that attendees had to dress like Celebrities Born in the Month of March.

We had so much fun.  I laid down the "red carpet" and put up a back drop for photos.  The pups did a test run photo shoot:
The guests show up (family and friends) and we were able to get a group shot!
Starting in the back row: Russell Brand, Princess Eugenie, Perez Hilton, Heinze Ward, Adam Levine,  Fabio
Front Row: Ke$ha, Elle Woods, Willie Roberson, My Cousin Ezra (can't remember who he was dressed up as, and Ke$ha
Missing from the group photo:
Flava Flav and Bobby Jones

Here are our costumes:  Princess Eugenie and Perez Hilton (maroon pants are mine :)
Tomorrow is the big day.  Beta day.  I'm nervous and excited. My sister-in-law will be coming along with me and more than likely with me when I get the news.  I've tried to make peace and know that what ever the result is what was meant to be, but I know I will have a very strong reaction either way.  The appointment is at 11:00.  This is also my last week of work.  I'm extremely excited to start my new job next week, but also nervous.  Please keep me in your prayers as tomorrow is a huge day for me.  I will need strength to accept whatever the result is and move forward with my life from there.



Janet said...

Will be thinking of you tomorrow! xoxo

julie Thomas said...

Sending up prayers! Will be thinking about you tomorrow :) whatever the results you are very brave to go for your dreams and reach for the stars. With everything you have gone through, just know you have helped me remain positive though our journey and stay strong. :) I just have a really good feeling for you :)

Nikki Kueffer said...

Praying for you. I know whatever news tomorrow brings you will get through it. Sending positive thoughts and hopes your way <3

Julie said...

Thanks so much ladies. I am so nervous!

Amber said...

I hope you can sleep tonight! Just wanted to let you know I'm thinking about you and hoping for great news tomorrow!!

Melissa said...

I am praying for great news for you today!!!!