Monday, March 11, 2013

Retrieval Day!

Hello!  The good news is I am feeling well enough to post an update today!  We got:

oocytes (EGGS)!  Unfortunately that is all we know for now.  That is okay, I am tired and bloated.  I actually just woke up from about a 2 hour nap.  I'm happy to have this part done, but the wild ride is just beginning.  Tomorrow we receive our first update on our little embabies.  How it works is the fertilize the  eggs with the sperm in a process called ICSI (a procedure that they directly inject the sperm into the egg) and then we wait to see if they start dividing.  Each embryo (embaby :) ) is then graded on its quality.  We will then go back in for embryo transfer either Thursday or Saturday depending on how our little embabies are doing.  Saturday would be better, but Thursday would be okay.  Then my beta (blood pregnancy) test will be March 26th!

The Mr. has been such a good trooper the past few days.  We are both getting major cabin fever, but he sat by my bedside at the clinic feeding me peanut butter crackers when I was finally back and concious enough to eat.  Let the week fly by....please!

Prayers appreciated!



julie Thomas said...

That is awesome! :) sending up prayers for you both.

Julie said...

Thanks Julie...right back at you!

Melissa Kuerschner-Peterson said...

Awesome, Julie! praying for you lots!

Amber said...

17!!! Great job. Drink of that Gatorade and keep the protein coming! I hope you keep feeling great and avoid OHSS. I can't wait for the fertilization report!!!