Tuesday, March 12, 2013

1 Day Post Retrieval

Deep breath.  I have been so anxious all day.  Thank goodness I finally got the call at 2:00.  Here is your mathematical equation for today:

17 eggs retrieved - 5 (not mature) + 12 of 309.4 (million sperm / of which were 87% motile)

11 growing embryos!!! 

I am so happy right now.  I can finally relax a little bit and enjoy the ride.  The realization hit us last night, there is nothing more that we can do except take my shots and pills religiously and leave things in God's hands.  The PIO (progesterone in oil) has been my biggest enemy.  It isn't so bad going in or even during, but I am already bruised really bad and it is only going to get worse.  I feel like I bump that spot so frequently, getting into the car, sitting down, pretty much anything that involves sitting.  I got some good advice from a friend and IVF veteran on how to help with making it just a little bit easier including ice before and heat after.  

I also have a little of it spew back out after we remove the needle, but the nurse told me that is normal.  It is so funny because the Mr. thinks if it touches him he will grow breasts. LOL!  I didn't help by egging him on that he is probably right.

Anyways, that is the update.  Transfer will be a day 5 transfer on Saturday.  I will get an update each day on how they are doing.  Here is more basic information for your reading pleasure about what is going on with my embabies right now.  From the Wisconsin Fertility Institute Website:

When a healthy embryo is created, it grows at a fairly predictable rate. The day after sperm and eggs are mixed, the embryo generally is a single cell; it then divides and grows to approximately 6-8 cells by day 3 following egg retrieval. The growth continues, and by day 4 there are dozens of cells in a ball, called a morula. By day 5, the best embryos are greater than 100 cells and have a fluid filled space within their structure; this is called a blastocyst. For some slower growing embryos, this stage is not reached until day 6 following egg retrieval.

That is all for now!  Fingers crossed that they all keep growing!



Amber said...

Julie!! I may have hopped around a little when I read your blog. I am so excited for you. These numbers are amazing. I hope the next few days go great as well!! Get yourself rested up and pamper yourself the next few days. You want your body in tip top shape on Saturday.
You truly have done everything you could do. Just kick back and relax for a few days and pray.
I hope my PIO shot method helps you out. It hurts to have the Mr. rub right after he does the shot,but it will help in the long run. Gosh those were terrible. I also felt like I bumped the painful areas all the time...it's a terrible feeling.
Great news Julie!
Let me know if I can do anything!

Amber said...

Praying for you! Grow 11 grow!
The exciting eleven embryos! Grow baby grow!!!

Nikki Kueffer said...

11 embryos is amazing!!! Hang in there Julie you are so close now! Praying for lots of healthy growth before Saturday :)

Julie said...

Thanks to you both!!! I'm so happy! My co-workers said the color has now returned to my face since getting the good news.

Ms DanL said...

Hooray! This is wonderful news Julie! I'm so excited for you guys and look forward to more updates!