Saturday, January 4, 2014

One Month - Happy New Year 2014 Edition Goals

Richard brought in the New Year in style and comfort in his Tuxedo Tee Onsie courtesy of Dick's bowling friends.  I just love this picture.  The New Year was bitter sweet as I assume most holidays will be without Dad around.  We've spent the past years going up to my parents cabin and bringing in the New Year the same way.  We always go out to the same restaurant for all you can eat crab legs and seafood buffet, eat way to much and make pigs of ourselves and then go back to the cabin for an early toast and almost always to sleep before midnight.  As years past we still followed our tradition, but this year I had a crabby little boy to contend with.  It was funny eating crab legs with a little boy wrapped up in a moby wrap below me.  I was eating carefully so I didn't drip on him.  Needless to say I ate way less which was probably a good thing.

Everything is going very well with Mr. Richard.  He got a bit off schedule being up north and all the activity and very little naps so he is making up for it since we've been home.  He is still eating like crazy and I was proud last night I pumped over 5 oz which is a new high.  Oh the things that get you excited.  He also proceeded to have his biggest blow out ever.  LOL!  This week he discovered his tongue.  He has been doing this adorable little lizard tongue where he peeks it in and out while smiling in between.

Anyways...on to my 2014 goals!
          1.    Run a 5k by the end of May.
2.    Get weight under pre-pregnancy by June 28th (30th Birthday Party).
3.    Do a volunteer activity.
4.    Visit Grandma 1x per month.
5.    Plan a fishing trip with Dick.
6.    Visit MN cousins.
7.    Learn more children’s songs on guitar (at least 3).
8.    Enjoy each day with Richard (both of them :)
9.    Plan 5 year anniversary.

10.           Plan meals, eat at table at least 2x per week.

Happy New Year all and good luck with all your goals!



Ms DanL said...

I've got some good "easy" meal recipes for the crock pot that have helped us get better with eating real meals together if you're interested!

Julie said...

Danie- yes yes yes! Send them!