Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Just Being Us

Don't get me wrong I LOVE being around people.  I energize that way.  However, this weekend we went away on a much needed family getaway up to our families cabin.  It was just us 3, well 4 our dog Lady came as well.  We had so much fun staying busy almost every minute only to crash when we'd get back at night.  Here is our weekend in pictures:
Friday Night!  We arrived and started up the fire.  Our smiley boy was awake the entire trip up and couldn't wait to eat his dinner so I sat in back and fed him while we drove.  On the menu was mixed fruit.  We had to wait until we arrived.

Bacon wrapped venison, fire roasted potatoes and garden zucchini and green peppers.
Up early Saturday morning for a hike.  We headed out and got on the trail by 7 AM.  We hiked for an hour.

We definitely earned breakfast and stopped at a cute little diner in Waupaca called Little Fat Gretchens.  Our first family breakfast outing.  Richie had pancakes!
I loved the mismatched chairs and atmosphere.

Sunday we headed back to Mom's and I worked on a little landscaping project.  25 Tulips planted in the center section. I can't wait until spring :)!

As if we didn't do enough we made it home by late afternoon and I had some tomatoes that needed to be made into salsa before they went bad.  There was just too much to use up before it would go bad so we canned!  Immediately after I fell into a heap and was spent for the evening.  Oh I forgot to mention the 3 mile run.

Last but not least it was wonderful spending the weekend with my two main men.  My Richards!  This little man is soon to be 9 months and I will update in a separate post.  I am so glad we could spend some time just being us.


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Cheryl said...

What a wonderful weekend! Richie is getting so big and so much cuter by the minute. HUGS!