Friday, October 3, 2014

10 Months on the Move!

Something changed this month.  It is like he turned into this new little person overnight who is now clapping, giving high fives, shaking his head NO, asking for "MORE" and getting into EVERYTHING!!!  This past month he really has become this BIG personality and I love it.  He still finds me to be hilarious so I'm good with it.

We have yet to get in out 9 month appt so I still don't have any stats to share, but he is around 22 pounds, still lugging him around in his carseat, but going to be looking for a convertible car seat soon.  Any suggestions?  He still is taking 2 naps per day and has SIX teeth and I'm pretty sure I see one more little stinker coming in.  For sure though 4 on top and 2 on the bottom.  He is dealing with it really well.  His main mode of transport is crawling at an incredible speed and from time to time surfing along the coffee table and couches.  Not interested in trying to walk since crawling is so much faster.  

Generally is babbling when he doesn't have his nuk in his mouth, mamamamamam, babababababa da da, and our favorite....doi doi doi.  LOL!  He is also now blowing raspberries and making motor sounds when he pushes his cars around.

Other news, house is still on the market, but still having showings - had one last night we stalked from up the street and got very positive feedback!  Fingers crossed!

I'm going to wrap up with some pictures - including a Halloween preview ;)


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