Sunday, November 2, 2014

11 Months

Here we month away from the big 1st birthday!  How did this happen so quickly?  I feel like I am saying that pretty frequently but after analyzing the most recent picture of little Richie I am convinced my BABY is no longer a BABY but turning into a little boy.  I know he will always be my baby but the infant look it totally gone.

This month he had his first hair cut!  He was such a good boy and sat still through most of it.  I was such a proud momma!  He has been doing a lot of pushing of his walking cart around the house.  He is getting more and more interested in this thing called walking but still isn't quite ready to take the plunge.  This little boy likes TRUCKS!  He loves pushing anything with wheels around the house.  Since he has been sick and still such a good boy this week I bought him a new toy which is a little dump truck.  I'm sad he is bored with almost all of his other toys, but with his birthday and Christmas coming up I just feel like I need to hold out one more month.  Speaking of him being sick...this has been horrible...for me.  He has been fine, but it makes me so sad to see my little man sick.  He must have some sort of virus that is clogging him up, his chest is congested and still he is a happy little camper.

I'm needing to get the birthday plans in full swing, but have been so busy!  House still isn't sold and in other updates I am 12 weeks along!  Feeling sick and not much different from the first time around.  Every day I am still thankful to be where we are at in life.  I'm so happy!


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