Saturday, January 3, 2015

Happy New Year!

I'm already a little late but things have been hectic as usual.  Big news this month is our little man is walking!!  He started with a couple steps and then the next day took off.  I definitely know now why they are called Toddlers.  He certainly does toddle when he walks and thinks it is hilarious to get walking and then fall in a big dramatic heap.

Christmas was wonderful this year spending time with family and friends.  This year was odd having the holiday falling on Thursday so having to work on Friday.  Work is another story...I'm concerned about some hefty goals they've put into place basically doubling our activity and goals.  Nothing this 5 months pregnant Momma can't handle but sheesh bad timing as I get closer to my due date and more exhausted with long days.  I can only do my best right!?

Enough about work, Monday is our anatomy scan and gender reveal!!  I'm so excited although I'm fairly certain we have another little boy on our hands.  I guess we will see.  We are starting to discuss planning our move date!!  No movement on the house but I feel at some point with a baby on the way we need to get settled.  Hopefully it just sells and we are forced to get the heck out!

I look forward to 2015 with so much excitement for what is to come.  I cherish being a Momma to a wonderful Little boy and our little dove on the way.  I will never forget what it took to get where we are and cherish the strength I've gained by struggling.  Here's to the New Year!


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