Thursday, September 10, 2015

4 Months & 21 Months

Leela Stats:

Height: 25"
Weight: 15 pounds 2 oz

We just finished up with Leela's 4 month appointment.  She is a healthy growing girl!  However, after checking stats with her big brother she isn't quite as long as he was.  Richie was right around 27" at this age!  We have a very happy baby girl on our hands.  She is very close to rolling from her back to her tummy.  I think within the next couple weeks she will be there.  She is sleeping very well, generally getting up once at 3:30-4:30 and falling asleep around 8:00.  She has 3 - 5oz bottles at daycare.  Richie is a powerhouse sleeper, tucking him in at 7:00 PM and usually not hearing him again until 6 - 6:30 AM.  That is unless he loses "nuk".  That ticks him off.

I am back at work and we have finally started settling into our new routine.  I miss my babies, but it is good to have income again!  We have a busy fall schedule with our upcoming weekends and I am looking forward to going to a Packer Game in a couple weekends!

We had our house warming party this past weekend and had lots of friends and family stop by.  My Mom's house is getting very close to being move in ready and then we will be "empty nesters" since my brother moved out earlier this month.  It will just be the four of us.  I'm excited and sad at the same time.  Its always nice with these two to have an extra set of hands to help.  Richie is an outdoor enthusiast.  He throws tantrums mainly because he want to go ..."OOUUUTSIIIIIIIIDE".  His favorite activities are pushing his mower, hauling wood pieces around and going on walks.  He can walk the entire length of our 1/4 mile driveway and back...I take that back, he mows it. LOL!  He doesn't have another check up until his 2nd birthday but he is currently wearing 2T pants and 2T or 3T shirts and wearing size 7 shoes which are already getting tight.  Leela is rocking 6 month clothing as it quickly is getting short on her arms.  I can only imagine she will be in 6-9 and 9 before long.

We are extremely blessed and so happy to be where we are at in life.  The only thing I could ask for is one more hour of sleep! LOL!


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