Friday, November 13, 2015

6 Month Update with Stats

Yesterday was Leela's 6 month appointment.  Everything went well!  Here are the stats:

Height 26.7"  - - 77%
Weight 16 lb. 13oz.  - - 61%
Head 43 cm - - 73%

She is wearing size 9m clothing (some 6/9M) and going to be moving into 12m for the winter.

She sleeps mostly through the night in her room in her crib.  No feedings at night and usually only up 1-2x!

She has 2 bottom teeth.

She eats about 27-30 oz of milk per feeding and we just added another meal of purees at lunch and dinner.  She can sit fairly well on her own.  She does not hold her own cup but I am pretty sure that is because she thinks she is a princess and doesn't have to.  I am still pumping at work and I now make a bottle before I go to bed which is getting her though her bottle feedings at daycare.  I have approximately 1000 oz in the freezer and feel extremely blessed.  My goal is for her to make it to 11 or 12 months and go straight to whole milk.  We will see how my supply lasts!  Here is her 6 month photo where she was grumpy and feverish from teething.


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