Sunday, March 6, 2016

Renovation Life and 9/10 Months

Well this month has gotten away on me for posting so I guess I will have to do a joint March/Feb post.  We are deep into our kitchen/bath renovation and I think I've gone immune to the fact that I'm hating living without a kitchen.  Each day we figure out how to get through meal time and taking dishes to Mom's to wash them has becoming a weekly thing.  We have dust every where and walking through the construction zone is a part of every day life.  Please dear Lord let it be over soon.  I know I know it will be worth it, but I don't want to think about it until we are to the other side.  Renovation sucks!  I can't eat another days worth of easy mac!

On to other things...let's start with my Leela Jane.  She is always on the move whether going to pick up a spec of dirt, a bug or put some other awful thing in her mouth.  She LOVES big brother Richie and is one tough cookie.  I caught them rolling around on the floor together today and just as I went to yell "RICHIE be CAREFUL WITH THE BABY!!" I noticed she was laughing, and not just a little, a deep baby belly laugh.  She was loving it.  She is now standing with ease while braced on something and pulling herself up no problem.  She can cruise a bit along the couch and her favorite toy is her play table.

She eats three solid meals a day and is still taking 1 nursing in the morning, 3 bottles at daycare and another nursing session before bed which gets to be less and less.  My supply is now pretty poor and I really am winding down.  I try to at least pump 1 time at work and once before bed.

At her 9 month check up she weighed 18 pounds 15 ounces and was 28".  Just around 60 - 70th percentile for everything.  She is perfect in every way :) except she is a bit of eczema.  I am worried what the summer will bring since it shows up on her wrists, back of her knees and arms.  I am hoping the heat doesn't bother it too much.

She is now starting to say "ba ba ba" and sometimes "da da" but just once I heard "ma ma".  I love how she repeats it when we say it and then big brother morphs into a baby too and is all MA MA MA MA BA BA BA. LOL!

Mr Richie is now 2 and 3 months and let's just say he is a wee bit bossy.  I have to sometimes remind him he isn't the boss of me (really he is though) and the tantrums have really hit full force.  I am just learning myself how to deal with it but I haven't really hit my stride yet.  Anything that doesn't provide instant gratification is cause for screaming and his new favorite thing to say is "one more time".  He loves watching Thomas the train, Winnie the Pooh and CliPPARD (Clifford).  His favorite toys are his chainsaw, his trains and he loves playing with his sissy (see above, rolling around on the floor).  As any good big brother would he keeps Leela in line "NO NO NO LEEDA!"  "NO SPITTING OUT LEEDA, UCKY GERMS" "NO LEEDA MINE!!!!"  On the other hand he loves helping out with picking up wood for the fireplace, throwing away garbage and on a rare occasion cleaning up his toys...(burst into song) "CLEAN UP MY TOYS AWAY".  Before bed we let him watch a show and he loves to "SNUGGLE DADDY" (not usually Momma) and then at 8:00ish off to bed.  Then fires off the checklist - water - nukker - froggy blanket - ducky blanket - monkey blanket - *new* - elmo light and then you must touch ones (pointer fingers together) - high five - knuckles (he says nickels - hugs.... - more hugs - kisses GOOD NIGHT.  No days is a boring day around here.

At the end of January we went on our first family of 4 vacation and met up with our friends Josh & Laci who are also a new family of 4 at Chula Vista in the Dells.  We had a blast spending time in our condo, taking the kids to the waterpark and having a Daddy's night out and then a Mommy's night out.  We hope to do it again next year!

Anyways, I promise at some point I will post before and after pictures of the renovation but for now I need to get to bed!!


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