Monday, September 19, 2016

Time for an update!

It is definitely time for an update!  Life has been absolutely crazy busy wonderful lately.  Lets see... I started at a new location for my job (same company) in June, we changed daycare providers to have someone watch them in town and these 2 little people keep us on our toes all the time.

I don't remember my last update but I am just going to write about these two little people as they are right now. 

Richie will be 3 in December and he is an outgoing, stubborn, loves routine little boy.  He LOVES all shows on PBS, being outside with Daddy, Grandma, helping in the house unloading dishes, making messes in the toy room, reading, putting on band aids, playing games, playing in the sandbox and pushing his sister in her stroller.  He likes to be a puppy in which he will crawl on all fours and walk up and lick your leg or face.  Puppy will also pick up toys with his mouth to put them away.  Sister Leela also becomes puppy whenever he does.  He will walk up to other little kids and ask "will you play with me" which usually intimidates them and they run away.  He does not like, the dark, being told what to do, getting outside our normal day to day routine unless it is something he's interested in, watching "news" (anything outside of his favorite shows are "news").  He isn't shy but he is cautious when it comes to dangerous situations very much unlike his sister who I am pretty sure would go skydiving if we would let her.  He loves his Momma but really loves his Daddy and is not shy about telling you he loves his daddy more.  He wears 3T or 4T for tops and can wear 2T shorts or 3T and 3T pants and weighs around 34 pounds.  He has been working on potty training and now wears big boy undies all day and still diapers at night.  In the picture he is wearing his favorite foot apparel a pair of rain boots that he loves stomping in puddles.  He fights with his sister a lot, but will tell you he loves Leela.  At dinner he will say the prayer in which he tells you to "not to pray and don't fold your hands" and will continue "I love Daddy and Momma and Leela"  then I convince him to also say "AND I love Jesus...Amen."  He is harder to get to bed, but sleeps well once he is asleep usually around 8:14 at night.

Leela... oh my Leela.  She is at a wonderful fun age of 16.5 months old.  It amazes me how different each kid has been at these stages.  She is shy but a risk taker.  She falls off things often but is tough and rarely cries when she hurts herself.  She is continuing to talk and expand her vocabulary!  Momma...Momma. Daddy, then will repeat other words after you say them.  She likes reading books.  She loves her puppy Lady and also plays puppy with Richie  "woof"!  She refuses to hold her brothers hand or sit close to him for fear she will get pushed or hit.  She isn't afraid to take a swing herself.  She is by all means a mommas girl.  She LOVES her momma and her momma loves it too!  Last we checked she was around 23 pounds but has grown since then.  She is wearing 18 months clothing.  At night time she will walk herself upstairs into the bathroom where we brush her teeth.  She also likes coming in and sitting on the little potty next to you when you are in there.  She likes to snuggle and read books before bed.

Leela also enjoys picking flowers, eating rocks, and she giggles with glee on the swing outside.  She started walking at 13 months old and gets around really well.  She loves climbing up on things and has had her share of falls.

Both love dancing, picking apples, helping in the garden and with dishes, being close to Momma while she is cooking dinner and spending time outside in the sandbox. 

We had a wonderful busy summer and I am looking forward to enjoying fall and the holidays with them.  I am hoping to visit a pumpkin patch, go on a hayride, trick or treat with cousins, jump into leaf piles and clean up the garden with them.  We have our day to day struggles, but I am so happy with where we are at in life and I enjoy spending time with my two precious miracles.


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