Monday, January 24, 2011

Artificial Light-Gardening

Now don't get any funny ideas.  This is my new project and I can already just imagine what you are thinking.  To get your mind on the right track start thinking: indoor seedlings not illegal substances!  Last year I wanted to start my tomato and pepper seedlings indoors and this worked for the most part.  The light source I used was very cost effective (the sun) but the problem was that the plants got too big, became crowded and began growing towards the window. 

After some online researching and scoring that awesome 1960's book (pictured above) about artifical light gardening from Good Will I have decided to take on the project of an indoor light garden in my basement.  Thankfully having a Dad that does carpentry for a living he will be constructing a portable box and fixture for the light and I will attempt to grow the seedlings in my basement.  Once I get the set-up I will share the materials, dimensions and costs involved.  I am still in the research phase on the timing and with an unpredictable Wisconsin winter the last frost of the year is always a major guessing game.   Timing is very critical with seedlings because you don't want them to get too big before you are able to transplant them outdoors.  I learned that the hard way last year, but still was able to successfully transplant and ended up with a great garden.  This year I am up for the new challenge so wish me luck and check back often!


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Gina said...

I am very excited to see the progress!