Friday, January 28, 2011

Keeping in contact

That girl from high school, your best friend from first grade, the person you met at summer camp, an old co-worker, or old teammates.  People from your past are a huge part of the person you are today.  How do you decide who you stay in touch with and who you decide to let go?  This picture I stole from facebook from an old teammate from high school.  Can you find me?  Every day you run into new people that either become a part of your life, an acquaintence or just someone who passes through.  Social media has changed the way we view many of our relationships. 

For example, the girls in this picture I played high school volleyball with almost 10 years ago.  Many of them I have lost touch with, but in recent times have reconnected on facebook.  Now I can see a picture of their husband, children and that they got up and worked out at 8:55 AM this morning.  Creepy??  Maybe I can see a little too much about this person!  That is the interesting thing about social media, we can share things about our life that for the most part nobody really needs to know, but for some reason we become extremely interested in what people from our past are doing on a day to day basis.  The question is, what makes it so interesting? 

 I am a self proclaimed facestalker.  When I get bored, I like to see what other people are doing.  Maybe it is human nature to compare our lives to people we know?  Is it an addiction?  What do you think?

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