Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Security Blanket

Okay fess many of you still have a security blanket??  Those of you that know me probably even know the name of mine!  A blanket, old toy, or pretty much anything that holds sentimental value that you keep into your adulthood could be considered a security blanket. 

I still have "cloudy" but since college have let go of the obsession of taking it everywhere I go.  A huge part of my attachment was when I moved away from home I took this blanket (it wasn't even from my childhood) with me and no matter where I traveled or moved I had it with me.

 I wonder what causes us as adults to hold on to these items?  Is it normal?  Now before you start thinking I'm crazy I know for a fact a few people and I won't mention any names "cough cough Woofy...Bunny Deebs" and I want the rest of you to post in the comments if you still have a "security blanket" and does it have a name?

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