Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Living Outside the Box

Well a lot has happened since my last post!  All very good things of course except my brief run in with the stomach flu.  Of course let's start at the beginning with the trip to Seattle, WA.  The trip of course was taken with my Mom and we had a great time!  We saw a lot and also tried a lot of new things!  That is how the theme of the trip came to be "step outside the box".
We got in on Friday pretty late and started off Saturday with some gambling!!  Mom got to try her very first sushi experience at the casino restaurant.  Later that afternoon for dinner we had an all you can eat seafood buffet including a lobster tail and crab legs! mmmmmmmmm.  That night we went out with my cousins to a local bar for some karaoke.  Singing talent does run in the McFarland family!  Everyone kind of gave us a look when we chose to sing "Fishing in the Dark", but of course we didn't care.

Sunday we went to an organized MS Walk to support my cousin (http://www.nationalmssociety.org/index.aspx) and had a great time.  We had a big chili dinner that afternoon and got to catch up with all the cousins!

The rest of the week was filled with new dining experiences, trying new beer and wine and of course more gambling!  Some of my most favorite moments of the trip were just sitting around and getting to spend time with family that we don't get to see very often. 

While we were there my new nephew was born on the Goss side: Noah Edward Goss 7 lb 10 ounces 3:41 AM on April 6th.  We are very excited to go meet him on Easter Weekend!

Also, Sunday when we got back home we got our new little addition to the family, our puppy Lady who is "Cockalier" or part King Charles Cavalier and Cocker Spaniel.  We are having a blast with her and Bosko is getting used to her.  I think he is trying to keep his cool as the older more mature dog.
We adopted her from the Shorewood Cocker Spaniel Rescue and you can read her story on Happy Endings (http://www.cockerrescue.net/Happy_Endings2011/happy2011.html) click on the left on Lindsey Now "Lady".  If you are interested in adopting a Cocker Spaniel you can also view Dogs Available for Adoption: http://www.cockerrescue.net/cockersavailable/cockers.html.

As you can see the past couple of weeks have really been busy and exciting.  I believe stepping outside the box every once and awhile can have a really positive impact on your life, but then again it is also nice once again to get back to that familar routine.


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