Friday, June 17, 2011

A Little Funny

You know those embarrassing moments when at the time they don't seem funny, but when you think back about them they really are.  I don't think I could make it through life if I didn't laugh at myself.  Somehow I manage to get myelf into some interesting situations. 

Last night Dick and I had our bible class and our Pastor asked us if we had ever experienced any miracles.  After thinking about it a few came to mind that I thought maybe that could have been, but I wasn't sure.  We went on to talk about how God has his angels watching over us at all times.  He again asked if we thought we had any experiences that we thought maybe we could tell God had sent his angels to protect us?  A few more experiences came to mind and I smiled and nooded.  Dick responded with, "I think my angels are all too busy watching over Julie... she is kind of a clutz."

I can't disagree with him or maybe it is just bad I guess I am just a clutz.  When I was a kid I always followed along with my older brother on the farm and one time he got sick of it so he decided to walk out by the cows and walk along the water trough.  Well I didn't keep my balance and I fell in.  Thankfully my dad got me out of there and I didn't get hurt.  A few years ago at work I was walking down the steps and my shoe fell off and I stepped on it and ended up falling down the stairs.  When asked if I was injured I had to tell them, "only my pride".  I can't forget I did get into a car accident with the "short bus."  A few days ago I was attacked by an angry red-winged blackbird when I was out walking my dogs and I walked under her nest.  When I was done screaming and being upset I realized...oh I guess she didn't actually hurt me.

With that being said I could probably come up with a lot of funny/embarrassing situations about myself, but I couldn't help posting this picture of my husband on our trip to Puerto Rico.  Yes this is at the airport.  Yes he did have a fillet knife packed in his carry on because he had used that same bag for a hunting trip a couple weeks before.  Yes he is quarentined.

Feel free to share your funny or embarrassing story in the comments!  Happy Friday!  I'm off to spend the weekend with the in-laws!


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Taking a Step Back

This picture recently resurfaced on Facebook (thanks Kari) which is a funny picture that was taken when I was studying abroad in Australia looking like a homeless person.  I won't go into the details of the story, but that picture sparked some memories of a few things I actually did go without: 

1. Car - funny how you just take things for granted like driving to the grocery store or driving to a friends house.  Some of my best memories were walking to the grocery store (can't remember what they called it over there...maybe someone can remind me) and then carrying home all my groceries in a backpack or using public transportation (Bender's Bus :) )

2. Cell Phone - ahhhh...countless hours spent in a phone booth talking with my "boyfriend" aka "the boy".  Not to mention the time difference!

3. Laptop - long hours spent in a computer lab, sometimes doing homework, but most of the time chatting with friends on, ummmm what was that MSN! ha!

4. Income - this is kind of foggy, but I am not sure how I lived for 5 months in Australia with no steady income.  I do remember how broke I was when I came home though!

These things may seem silly, but one of the main lessons I learned about going without those things is that sometimes taking a step back and going without those things can actually spark a little creativity and resourcefulness!  This among other reasons is why my husband and I have decided to go the summer without cable TV at our home.  It is such a simple thing, but already I have noticed my change in pattern! 

More time to spend with that book I have been meaning to read The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets' Nest.  Rediscovering my singing talent...hahah cough cough  Karaoke Revolution Glee: Volume 2.  Finding more time to work on my gardening, working out and hopefully soon getting back to my craft room.

This should be an interesting summer, but feel free to send your story about taking a step back and how it has changed your life!


Thursday, June 2, 2011

Summer Activites

The past couple of days in Wisconsin indicate that we have skipped right over spring and gone straight to summer.  I think many people had to turn their heat on last week and their air conditioner this week.  I guess you just never know what to expect!  Thankfully it is very easy to forget those long, cold winter days when the temperature jumps from 50 degrees last week to 90 degree this week.  What the heck bust out that swim suit!

We have been taking full advantage of the weather warming up by doing a lot of fishing and yard work.  Mostly I do the yard work and Dick goes fishing, but on the rare occasion as you can see below we go fishing together.  This particular trip even Lady got to come along.

This past weekend was Memorial Weekend so we got to take an extra day off and drink beer and eat brats....ahhh heaven!  This is also the time of year that each weekend seems to book up faster than you can write it down in the calendar.  I hate that!  It makes it difficult to find time to do all the things I love in the short amount of time we have before it starts to get cold again.  It makes it very difficult to decide which things to attend and which to send your regrets.

So how do you decide?  First come first serve?  Attend everything you can?  Limit which things you attend?