Tuesday, December 6, 2011

December Fitness Challenge and My New Hobby

Part 1. December Fitness Challenge
How do you stay motivated to work out during the winter?  It is cold and dark and for the most part miserable outside.  Last year I was preparing to run a 1/2 marathon in April and that kept me on task.  This year I don't have anything like that planned so I decided to set a fitness challenge for myself which is 500 minutes of cardio workout in December.  It is about 30 minutes 4x per week! 

It may sound silly, but it is working.  Right now I have 395 minutes to go!  I also am doing this with a friend who set the same goal so we can reward ourselves in January with getting a Swedish Massage!  Did anyone else set a fitness challenge in December?

Check out my progress: http://juliesjunkdrawer.blogspot.com/p/fitness.html

Part 2. My New Hobby
Yes, yes...it is an unusual hobby, but it is something to keep me busy.  When I was getting married my soon to be Aunt-in-law's gave me a beautiful pink plate that belonged to their mother.  It was absolutely beautiful.  The more I looked into it I found out it was a piece of depression glass.  Pretty cool huh!  Update actual photo:

So I decided I wanted to start keeping my eyes open for other pieces and low and behold I may have struck gold on my first attempt.  I checked out Good Will last night and found a plate very similar in an amber color with the tell-tale "glass-bubbles".  I have to do more research to know for sure.  Update here is a picture:

You can do this by looking up the pattern.  Here is one site I found: http://antiques.about.com/od/depressionglass/ig/Depression-Glass-Patterns/.  Anyways, I hope everyone is enjoying their holiday season and hopefully one of these days I can get around to posting some actual pictures!



Kendall Suhr said...

this is mine!!! first one on the list!! mine is pink though, so probably not worth much:http://antiques.about.com/od/depressionglass/ig/Depression-Glass-Patterns/American-Sweetheart-Pattern.htm

Julie said...

Ummmm...at least you know it is the real deal!! Whooo!

See I told you this is fun. Jason would never get on board with it though :(.