Thursday, June 7, 2012

New Stuff

I was having a little fun the other day with my new phone and playing around with apps.  See above photo from Instagram.  That has been the story in our house the past week since we both got smart phones.  I'm sure all my friends already know this since I am now texting everyone non-stop :).  It is really nice to have access to the web while at home (we don't have wireless) but at the same time I hope some of this is just a bit of a phase. 

I have a pet peeve about people using their phones in inappropriate places, while you are talking to someone and when you are trying to visit with someone.  I am trying to not become that person.  Anyways, that is about it for "new stuff", but it does seem like a big change for us.  I even downloaded blogger on my phone so you might be seeing a "mobile blog update" in the future!



Amber said...

YEAh!!! Smartphones!! You're going to be's impossible not to be.
I have that book and I promise I'm sending it soon. Life has been insane over here...
I hope you're doing well!
Take care!

Julie said...

No kidding you are busy!!! I've been keeping up to date on your house stuff. It sounds like everything is falling into place.

I can tell I have been more relaxed lately. You could even ask me what CD I am on and I wouldn't be able to tell you...AND I am in a TWW. Pretty good for me!

I do still want to read that book, but no huge rush to get it to me :).