Thursday, June 28, 2012 Eggs!

Okay just a little complaining to do today.  It is the final day of pill poppin' and boy am I feeling crampy.  I don't remember feeling this way the last couple times.  It is definitely not ovulation pain (I tested to make sure).  I can only cross my fingers and hope that I am growing some nice big eggies/follicles in there.

Anyone want to guess how many I will have this time?  What a fun game (LOL).

In the past I have had Feb 2012 (L-1 and R-1) and Mar 2012 (L-3 and R-0).

I'm going to be optimistic and go with L-1 and R-2 (right side hurts the most).  Stay tuned!



Amber said...

Eggs growing is such an odd feeling!!! I felt like my ovaries were going to rip apart when I did IVF and had all those eggs growing. I hope this discomfort brings you great news this month!! Keep me updated on the progress. I know you mentioned IVF wasn't the next step in your previous jut curious what the plan is next if this doesnt work? I hope it works and you don't have to go to another option, but if you don't mind me asking I'm just wondering. Hopefully this will be it. I pray it is Julie. You deserve it!!!! Hope you are feeling more like yourself as well. Those drugs are the devil!!! Thinking of you Julie!! If you need anything let me know!

Melissa said...

Thinking of you Julie! Good luck!