Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Feeling..."Hard to Love"

Ever heard this song? 

I am now full swing into pill poppin' this month and I am starting to feel it and perhaps the above song/video is appropriate.  I feel bitchy, sad and tired pretty much most of my day...hard to love.  Its the hormones.  I start out in the AM with a handful of these:

  • (5) pink pills 125mg of Letrozole
  • larger brown pill prenatal (starting to feel like a bad joke)
  • (3) maternal herbal and then (3) more at night
Now this is nowhere near the amount of meds. for an IVF, but even this amount can really make you feel like a crazy person.  Speaking of IVF, it is not next up on our plate, but I did have the "informational packet" sent from the doctors office.  I hope and pray we don't get to that point, but it is no longer all that far away anymore on our list of options.  Anyways, 2 more days (phew) of pill poppin' and then fingers crossed for good news on our follicle ultrasound.  We will be going back and forth during our camping trip to the doctors office and hopefully having our IUI next week at some point I'm thinking Sunday or Monday.

Anyways, until then another acupuncture appointment tomorrow and hopefully after that finding myself less and less "hard to love".


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