Monday, July 9, 2012

Asking for your HELP! - Trial Run on eBay - Funding IF

Hi Everyone,

As I wait anxiously in my 2WW after our 2nd IUI, I started thinking...WHAT IF THIS DOESN'T WORK?  Immediately I tried to push that out of my mind, of course it will work, all those perfect numbers it has to right?  Well then reality hit, what if we need to keep moving forward with treatment, how will we be able to afford to keep shelling out so much money each month?  For example:

July Treatment:
  • 2x acupuncture treatments $110
  • Maternal Herbal Supplement $16
  • Letrozole $8 co-pay
  • Ovidrel $80
  • U/S $250
  • IUI $350
= $814 + driving back and forth to the doctor's office

All that for a chance that is might work.  Talk about making a person anxious!  So I started thinking, "How can I use some of the skills I have learned while WAITING for my baby?  ...and it hit me.  What if I sold the dresses and other items that I have been "refashioning"?   I guess it can't hurt to give it a try!

So this is where I need your help... please take a look.  I am only doing a trial run right now and if it works I will continue to add more.  Please share this link with anyone who might be interested in helping me and my husband make our dream come true of expanding our family.


Kendall Suhr said...

I am so proud of you, you are so amazingly talented and creative. I think this is the best idea to both help you hone your sewing skills AND to be working in the right direction in your IF journey. You amaze me every day :)

Amber said...

I LOVE this idea!! I was watching a bit of Rachael Ray and there was a lady on who does this same exact thing for a career!! You wrote this blog 2 days later...I hope it works out for you! I'm so proud of you.
Oh yes, and I finally got that book unpacked and sealed in an envelope. I'm going to head to the post office tomorrow to mail it. I'm so sorry for the delay...I'm never moving again!!!

Amber said...

I just wanted to add, the cost for all these treatments is completely maddening isn't it?! One of the reasons why I wanted to move back to IL was because they are one of the few states who have mandated health insurance for IF treatment. A few free rounds of IVF would have been nice. There should be some kind of coverage...we pay for people to have health care who are too lazy to work, but honest hard working people who have health insurance don't get the coverage they need. Ugh, don't get me started...this makes me angry! Hopefully you won't have to endure another round of this. Prayers Julie!

Jen said...

Ugh...I know the treatments are incredibly expensive. Everytime I do a treatment it is $1600 and that doesnt't even include the $115 I have to pay for the medications! Geez...that is why we will have to take a breather after this 2nd try.
:( It really isn't supposed to be this hard! Thinking about you in your 2ww! Hope it is going well!

Julie said...

Thank you everyone for the comments! I'm just feeling so overwhelmed at the thought of the bills we have already stacked up and future bills. I wish this was over already!

Amber - I have seriously considered moving to IL simply for the IF coverage.