Friday, July 27, 2012

Drunk on You and High on Summertime

Soooo, I forgot to tell you about my weekend! 

This past weekend I made the trip up 3-4 hours with my sister-in-law to see Jason Aldean!!  We had so much fun and got very lucky to spend the weekend with some great friends.  I also got to check one of my Goals for 2012 off the list by visiting a new town Black River Falls.  We didn't stay long, but we did visit a cute little place called the "Mocha Mouse" which we kept confusing and calling the Mocha Moose!
We had frappuchinos and some snacks for the rest of the trip since we were both so excited we forgot to eat lunch.  On Saturday we got to see Justin Moore, Luke Bryan and Jason Aldean.  All three of them were good, but the stand out by far was Luke Bryan.  He was really, REALLY, really good (and it doesn't hurt that he is really good looking either).  In my opinion JA was only  He even mentioned he was still hungover from the night before.  That kind of was the beginning of the end.  He didn't play bad, but I wasn't extremely impressed either.

It has just been me and the pups this week.  I hate being home alone.  In fact the only thing I look forward to is being able to take over the whole bed and that wasn't even an option:
Only a few more days and he comes back home.  He is traveling for work, but it works out nice that he can stay at his parents house. 

IF update: none - my cramping finally subsided after I went in Wednesday for acupuncture and laser treatment.  I hope that took care of whatever was going on in there.  When I told acu-Lady about my cramps and that the doctor thought it was cysts, I'm pretty sure she said the F*** word.  She obviously is all about natural treatment but is understanding of me doing both. 

Anyways, "Happy Friday" everyone!


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