Monday, August 20, 2012

Coping with a different kind of pain

Last week I got a call that my Grandpa (on my Mom's side) was not doing very well and that I should come to visit.  So my husband and I went over to the house right away and got to spend some time with my grandpa.  He was on pain medication so he slept most of the time, but would wake up from time to time to say he was "doing okay" and to say he had "such great kids".  I brought my guitar along and played him one of his favorite songs "Silent Night".  We left for the evening and when we came back the next day his condition has gotten worse. 

Surrounded by family and friends he passed on to heaven around 10:55 Wednesday night.  I had left to go home around 9:00 and got the call at home.  The next morning we woke up to a storm with loud crashes of thunder and lightning.  I knew that Grandpa had made is safely up to heaven and the party was already well under way.  It would have been his mother's birthday that day and we were all so happy he got to spend it with her.

There aren't enough words to describe what a wonderful man my Grandpa was.  Everyone who knew him adored him, but at the same time he was one of the most humble people I know.  He was a hard worker and he had a strong faith.  He lived his life to the fullest and left this world with no regrets.  I was lucky to be able to have him in my life the past 28 years.  Amost all of my favorite memories I have growing up always included Grandpa and Grandma.  A lot of my interest in gardening came from helping out in grandma and grandpas garden when I was young.  The past days have been very tough coping with this loss, but in the end we all know that he is in a better place. In the last line of Silent Night I find to be so fitting, "sleep in heavenly peace" Grandpa.



Cheryl said...

I'm so sorry for your loss. Glad you could be with him at the end. A great song to listen to is a new one by Carrie Underwood - I will See You Again. It's beautiful. Hugs to you and your fam.

Julie said...

Thanks Cheryl - I will have to youtube that song!