Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Staying Positive When I Feel Negative

There is nothing worse than feeling "negative Nancy" when there are so many wonderful things going on.  However, sometimes you can't help how you feel. This darn IF crap has me questioning everything about my life and it is making me miserable.  Therefore this post is going to be a positive post about a few happy moments from the weekend to remind me of the good things I do have.

As I had mentioned we had our annual up north gathering this weekend "Suhrfest" and as the cliche goes, "It was the best Suhrfest ever."  (Every year is the best Suhrfest ever.)  In addition to spending time with friends and family I finally got to spend some QT with the Mr.

I was able to perform my first "live" concert to the audience of family and friends along with my cousin who is a very skilled guitar player and made everything sound amazing!  We played "Margaritaville" and "Mary Jane's Last Dance".  How cool do we look!  We even had a spotlight that we had been using to light up our bean bag boards!

Not only did my friend Laci and I get to enjoy some delicious ice cream, we got to see two gigantic fields of beautiful sunflowers!  Here is an instagram photo of it!

My spastic puppy (she will be 2 years old in a couple weeks) finally tired out after running around outside, swimming and playing with the other dogs.  I didn't think there was ever an end to her energy.

Last but not least, we are going to be going to the Packer Pre-Season game this Thursday!  I have been to Lambeau Field, but never been to a game.  I'm sooooooooooo excited!  We also have a friend's wedding this weekend that should be a lot of fun.

So anyways, I think all this waiting around for surgery (laparoscopy) and the continued (constant) stress of IF has the blues kicking in right now.  There is plenty for me to be happy about, but I just needed to remind myself of that!


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Lilly said...

I've thought about writing a post like this. :) lately I swear I just feel like I've been SO sad and down and negative. I swear every moment of ever day I've got IF on the brain...but you are right - there's SO many things to be happy about in life. I really need to remind myself of that. :)