Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Christian Grey Did My U/S This Morning!

Oh what a day to have my U/S!  Everyone at the doctor's office had dressed up and I had "Christian Grey" do my U/S this morning.  "Oh My!" LOL!  My regular doctor wasn't in yet since it was so early.  It was good luck:

For all you lucky dogs who don't know what this means let me explain.  L1-L5 is my left ovary and the follicles are what are growing that hold the eggs.  The 1 and 2 across the top are the dimensions of the follicle and the mean is the size.  So you would read this that I have 3 follicles on my left ovary and 2 on the right. Yes indeed, FIVE FOLLICLES!  The size when they are good to go for ovulation is around 18+ so "Christian" told me I should have 3-4 ready to go by time I trigger on Friday night.  Then I have my IUI on Sunday morning.  Since it is taking place in November I will lovingly refer to the IUI moving forward as "getting basted" in honor of Thanksgiving.  :)  The most follicles ready to go in the past has been 3.  I have been extremely crampy the past week or so and knew something had to be going on in there.  This is great news!

I have also made the decision that this will be my last "basting" either way.  Hopefully I will be pregnant and not have to worry about it or we will move on to more aggressive treatment in 2013.  Please keep me in your prayers and hope lucky #3 is it!



Amber said...

Julie! First, I love your Halloween costumes. You are so creative!! Second, wow! Five follicles!! I like that you are calling this a 'basting' in honor of thanksgiving:) I can relate to being ready to move on if things don't work's a tough decision but sometimes enough is enough. I truly hope this is it and you won't even need to think about what is next. I will be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. I'm hopeful for you!!!

Amber said...

How could I forget to comment on grey doing your ultrasound?! That sounds Better than the average NP or MD!!!

Julie said...

Thanks Amber! I know I couldn't believe it when they all started popping up on the screen. We had a nice long chat last night and the Mr. and I are ready with a plan for either outcome. Let's pray for the positive one though!!! :) Loved the twins in their Halloween gear!