Monday, October 29, 2012

Halloween Fun...and Upcoming U/S

We had a fun Halloween (weekend) this year going as the "jock and the cheerleader".  Had so much fun making our costumes and wearing them.  Go to my CRAFT page to see the details!

Update on this cycle I am at CD10 and still bleeding.  This has happened before and I am pretty sure it is the Letrozole.  I also have been feeling crampy which I take as a good sign that the follicles are growing in there. I am going to acupuncture tonight and I have my U/S this week Wednesday (good luck it is on Halloween?).  Maybe my costume will be good luck...I haven't actually read this book "Every Drunken Cheerleader...Why Not Me" but hey it can't hurt right! :).  I have downloaded on my Nook and am ready to go!

Anyways, fingers crossed for some nice big ripe follicles on Wednesday!


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