Thursday, November 8, 2012

Surviving the Holiday's - IF V3.0

Hello Again,

I wanted to write a quick post as the "holidays" are rapidly approaching here in the US.  Thanksgiving is right around the corner and as any infertile knows the holidays are not always easy to deal with.  This will be my 3rd infertile Christmas and I think I am learning from my past mistakes!  Here goes:

IF Holiday Tip #1.

DO - Make party visits short (if possible) and then get out!  Auntie So&SO WILL ask you when you are going to have a baby, be prepared with a short polite response.

DON'T - Get stuck watching all the grandchildren opening their adorable little presents.  If this is not an option make it into some sort of drinking game...little Anna got another Barbie? That's 2 drinks!

IF Holiday Tip #2.

DO - Spend at least one of your days off with your significant other enjoying just the two of you (and your fur babies).  Take a break from the hustle and bustle that all the FERTILES HAVE to deal with since they have kiddos.

DON'T - invite a TON of people over to your house on Christmas Day!  I learned the error of my ways after doing this for the past couple years.  You think you are stressed about your HSG two days before Christmas?  Why add the additional stress of cleaning, cooking and family and in-laws on top of it?  Hopefully you are all smarter than me :).

IF Holiday Tip #3

DO - Plan your shopping accordingly.  Be smart about buying gifts for children in your extended family, if you don't think you can handle walking through the kids department then buy a department store gift card.

DON'T - Save your shopping until the last minute, have a total mental breakdown in TOYS 'R' US because you had to make a quick run to the bathroom and AF stained your new pair of Christmas undies!

IF Holiday Tip #4

DO - Make time for adult fun.  Throw/attend an adult Christmas theme party that won't be centered around kids.  This year I will be hosting "A Very Nerdy Christmas" and I can't wait!  (You better believe there will be pictures!)

DON'T - Accept every single party invitation sent your way.  Be sensible and politely decline if you don't feel you will be comfortable.

LAST BUT NOT LEAST IF Holiday Tip #5 - Remember the reason for each holiday.  Take joy in the fact that you have your faith, family and friends.

DON'T - Let the stress of it all send you into a spiral of misery.  The holidays' aren't easy but a little planning and fun and you may even start to enjoy them (a little bit).

My new Christmas Guitar Book!


P.S. Feel free to add any of your own personal tips for surviving the holidays you think would be helpful!


Amber said...

I LOVE your tips Julie!! I sure could have used those 4 years ago!!! The holidays are particularly difficult...I alway struggled through them. We had a miscarriage in early Dec and it added to the misery every year thinking about what could have been. I'm here for you of you need anything! Cocktails always helped me survive the holidays:) cheers!! Thinking of you!!

Julie said...

Thanks Amber! My biggest goal for the holidays is just to make them LESS stressful than last year! I totally melted down a couple times and I want to avoid that. I'm sure the Mr. would like to avoid that as well. I can't imagine having a m/c on top of it. Enjoy your first holidays as a MOMMY! You will also need the cocktails LOL!

Anonymous said...

This is some good advice! Thank you! It will be our first holiday season with IF so I will remember everything you wrote! ~Michelle

Julie said...

Thanks Michelle! Hopefully it is your first and LAST! I definitely wish I had more insight 3 years ago. Thank goodness I have found a wonderful community of women dealing with infertility to share with!

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