Monday, December 17, 2012

Lost & Found

Ever lose something and never find it again and it drives you crazy not knowing where it is?  This happens to me on a regular  constant basis.  It started when I was young...I lost the remote to my new stereo.  I searched everything, the whole house, endlessly and it never showed up.  Where on earth could it have gone.  I never took it outside so it had to be somewhere.  I don't think I ever found it.

This happens a lot to me when it comes to jewelry.  I take it off, put it in my gym bag, my purse, a random tote bag, travel bag, box...etc. and then it sits there.  Over the years I have taken to doing a sort of jewelry inventory.  I look through all of those things above and usually am pretty satisfied finding the one lost earring or pairs that I didn't even know I was missing.  I did this last night and much to my happiness found quite a few pairs including these below which had just slipped off my earring holder and onto the floor, but under a stool:

This definitely was a happy victory for me!  Then there are those things that go missing and you don't really care because you wouldn't necessarily wear them anymore, but finding them brings up a lot of good memories like this horrible green headband I wore every day for a good stretch of time in 2005:

My husband absolutely HATES it and I found it last night while doing jewelry inventory.  He also hated the sweatpants I was wearing.  This is a loaded photo because I am wearing a fleece that also went missing over the years and was never found, but on the bright side I also found my Blink182 t-shirt from the very first concert I ever attended.  LOL!  Then there are things like this sweatshirt *below* that have been missing, but still in use by someone else:

Thanks Dad...I won't be needing that back.

The problem with me is once I find things I tend to lose other things.  For example, somehow this weekend my makeup bag went missing.  I've looked high and low for it and still not found it, BUT I found this:

My set of spare keys that have been missing 2+ years!  Every week for the past two years it has been on my TO DO list to go get a new set made (much to my husbands dismay I hadn't gotten around to it yet.), but now I don't have to!  If I had never lost my makeup bag, I never would have found these little puppies hiding under the passenger seat in my vehicle. I just irresponsible because I lose everything, or do I just lose things so I can find other thing?  Who knows!?  Am I alone on this?  Do I have some sort of MISPLACEMENT DISORDER?  Now where is that darn makeup bag?

******A special thanks to my friend Laci who somehow magically appeared in each of the photos with things that had gone missing...hmmmm****** LOL!!


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Julie said...

I found my makeup bag...I never actually took it with me this weekend! It was sitting on our recliner.. lol. Now I know for sure I lost ir in order to find my keys! I also found my missing pair of running gloves..Im all set now until I lose something else :)